Hamilton Healthcare System Purchases Latest Clinical – Financial Technology from Healthcare Management Systems

Hamilton Healthcare System (HHS) has selected Healthcare Management Systems, Inc. (HMS) to provide customized clinical and financial technology applications for its facilities including Hamilton General Hospital, a 34-bed community hospital located in Hamilton, Texas, Family Practice Rural Health Clinic in Hamilton, Texas, Hico Clinic in Hico, Texas and Family Practice Clinic of Mills County in Goldthwaite, Texas.

The HMS software, an enterprise-wide technology solution for more than 600 community hospitals, will allow Hamilton Healthcare System to automate its financial activities, including patient accounting, accounts payable, and eligibility. It will also enhance clinical productivity, improve patient safety and provide many of the benefits associated with automating lab results, physician orders, medication administration, transcription and other clinical data. In addition to the direct hospital benefits, the system will integrate with the community-based physician electronic medical record allowing key hospital personnel and physicians access to relevant patient information within the hospital, completing the continuum of care.

“HMS was attractive because of its customized software that allows systems to grow and expand,” said Chad Reinert, HHS’s director of information technology.

Jim Shafer, chief executive officer at Hamilton Healthcare System added that the hospital began to implement the new software package mid-January as a product launch aptly named “HHS200: Racing Forward.” The implementation process will be complete by this summer.

The HMS clinical-financial package will allow Hamilton General Hospital to meet its business goal to share data between its hospital, visiting specialists and its three clinics.

In addition, HMS provides in-depth, on-site training, an important service for community hospitals such as Hamilton General. “We wear many hats in a rural hospital, which makes it difficult for a group of us to be off-site for training for an extended period of time,” said Michele Cathey, chief operating and financial officer at Hamilton Healthcare System. “HMS’s on-site training allowed us to train our 200 employees without disrupting patient care.”

“Hamilton Healthcare System chose HMS because they have proven experience with hospitals our size, and they will be a true partner. During the review process, we found that the company’s corporate culture was very similar to ours, which is important to us,” said Shafer.

“We provide integrated and interoperable products and services that meet the technology needs in the community hospital setting,” said Tom Stephenson, president and chief executive officer of HMS. “HMS puts clinical and financial information at the fingertips of staff. We fully appreciate the significance of providing the clinical functionality and training hospitals need to achieve meaningful use. We are committed to attaining our customer’s goals when they select us because we understand their success is our success.”

About HMS

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Healthcare Management Systems, Inc. (HMS) develops, sells and supports a full range of healthcare technology products that combines clinical, financial and patient access information. Founded in 1984, HMS currently serves 650 community hospitals; behavioral, rehabilitation and long-term acute care facilities; and multi-entity healthcare organizations nationwide. Visit www.hmstn.com for more information.

About Hamilton General Hospital

Nestled in the heart of Central Texas, Hamilton Healthcare System stands at the forefront of rural Texas health care facilities. With a licensed 34-bed medical/surgical hospital, three clinics, a special care clinic and a wellness center, community-owned HHS provides a wide range of patient-focused care and treatment with a commitment to patient satisfaction. A staff of knowledgeable, compassionate professionals makes HHS what hometown health care should be! Visit www.hamiltonhospital.org for more information.