VIQ Solutions Launches a New Lineup of Mobile, Collaborative Solutions

VIQ Solutions Inc. (TSX VENTURE:VQS) (“VIQ”, “VIQ Solutions” or the “Corporation”) announced today that it is releasing a new lineup of innovative, integrated web and mobile solutions. The new lineup is designed to meet the fast-growing mobile needs of our long-term justice customers and provide a strategic gateway into fast-growing markets like policing, the military, distance education and health services that require flexibility and mobility on the digital evidence capture side while maintaining powerful and secure management and collaboration tools for their enterprise infrastructure.

VIQ Tablet

The new tablet-friendly solution has been designed from the ground up for mobile customers who require a sophisticated, highly secure high-quality digital audio/video record with verifiable veracity. The tablet software delivers user-customizable, energy-efficient XML profiles that are designed to maximize readability and preserve battery life. Paired with a portable hardware solution like the PESA XSTREAM, the tablet software captures multi-channel, high-quality audio and video as well as synchronized text or multimedia annotations with ground-breaking functionality including a unique quad view. Using VIQ’s advanced remote monitoring capabilities, the audio/video feeds from multiple locations are monitored from a remote tablet in real-time, making the solution ideal for in-field applications like police in-car video capture, unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”) or military command and control.

VIQ Smartphone Application

VIQ’s smartphone capture and management interface is designed for on-the-go users with no access to additional recording hardware. Using the smartphone’s built-in video and audio capture capabilities, the VIQ smartphone interface allows users to add synchronized text annotations and assign metadata to recordings for easy search and retrieval later on. With no additional hardware required, the VIQ smartphone solution provides truly secure portable capture of off-site interviews, depositions and on-scene evidence that is fully integrated with the complete VIQ digital workflow management solution.

Recordings and metadata from both mobile solutions are encoded and securely routed to VIQ’s fixed or cloud server resource to minimize on-device storage requirements and fully integrate the mobile recordings with VIQ’s renowned back-end platform. Both solutions are currently in the pilot phase with existing VIQ customers. The tablet interface is integrated with VIQ’s existing software suite as an add-on option. The smartphone interface will initially be available for Apple iOS via the App Store, with other smartphone compatibility being added in the coming months.

“Our two new mobile solutions provide customers with the ability to take their digital media evidence capture on the road where digital capture and management increasingly occurs,” said Sebastien Paré, President and CEO of VIQ Solutions. “Today, evidence management needs to happen on the fly, whether it’s remote interviews, testimonies, body-worn or dashboard cameras, or surveillance UAVs. VIQ’s simple yet sophisticated mobile solutions give users all the power of VIQ’s database back-end through a simple, portable device.”

New VIQ Collaborative Portal

Both mobile solutions are integrated with VIQ AccessPOINT, a groundbreaking web-based access and collaboration portal. With VIQ AccessPOINT, clients use a standard web browser to get anytime-anywhere access to audio, video and annotations, allowing authorized users to securely share and collaborate on recordings in an unprecedented way. VIQ offers flexible hosting, branding and management options for VIQ AccessPOINT, including the ability for users to host and manage the portal infrastructure themselves or pay a subscription or usage-based fee to VIQ to handle the infrastructure. VIQ AccessPOINT has been designed with HTML5 for cross-browser compatibility and offers a touchscreen-friendly GUI for tablets and smartphones, allowing access from any device.

“VIQ AccessPOINT is available 24/7 so clients can collaborate in real time, whether it’s across an office network for judges and attorneys, law enforcement or education; or around the world for physicians in teaching hospitals,” said Sebastien Paré. “With unprecedented information sharing and collaboration that is robust and secure, VIQ AccessPOINT is an ideal solution for clients involved in distance education, medical consultation and more.”

VIQ also announces that it is compatible with the latest version of the PESA XSTREAM multi-channel streaming solutions. At the world renowned National Association of Broadcasters trade show, held in Las Vegas earlier this month, PESA and VIQ launched a deployable digital media management ecosystem for fixed, mobile, and body-worn applications. These applications are specifically designed for first responders/incident command, law enforcement, training, and medical applications. The new system includes annotation, recording/playback management, multi-tiered archiving, and optional streaming functionality, all built-in directly on the PESA hardware.

“PESA and VIQ have a shared vision of security, mobility and collaboration,” said Sebastien Paré. “PESA’s ground-breaking hardware solutions provide sophisticated, top-of-the-line audio/video capture in a secure, mobile package at very disruptive price points for our customers and partners.”

The new mobile and collaborative solutions provide VIQ with a gateway into fast-growing markets like policing, the military, distance education and medical that require flexibility and mobility on the capture side while maintaining powerful management and collaboration tools on the back-end.

“Our focus on digital collaboration, mobility and new hardware options has opened many new opportunities for VIQ Solutions,” said Sebastien Paré. “We already have targeted pilot projects with key partners in new, high-growth activities like policing, health sciences and distance education. As the projects move beyond the pilot phases, we expect these new digital solutions and markets to significantly contribute to VIQ’s growth in the coming years.”

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