Placeit Launches New App Demo Video Creator Technology

Placeit, which enables technology marketers and entrepreneurs to instantly create professional images to market their apps, today released Placeit Video enabling users to automatically create high quality app demo videos in minutes.

The new screen recording technology eliminates the need for expensive videography and photo shoots by enabling app developers to just record their screen while they use their app. Placeit then automatically converts each mouse interaction — such as clicks and swipes — into real hand gestures, resulting in a final video of an actual person swiping, tapping and performing the hand gestures on the video. After production, users can push the video to YouTube with a single click and make additional sound and visual edits.

“Producing a video can be very expensive. Even if you manage to do it yourself, you waste a ton of time and achieve mediocre results. We’ve merged beautiful videography and professional video processing into one experience so you can go from recording your demo to having a finished product in minutes,” said Placeit CEO Navid Safabakhsh. “Entrepreneurs and Marketers want to produce these videos now, at an affordable price and excellent quality. That’s what Placeit delivers.”

Currently offering more than 1,000 image mockup templates and 140 video templates, Placeit makes it easy to customize any collateral needed to catch the customer’s eye. It provides a variety of environments including office, home, nature, social, and gaming, as well as devices such as iPad, iPhone, Mac products, Android and more.

For video, users can record up to one-minute demos with two types of video templates: micro commercials with user stories or simple app walkthroughs. The small version is free for personal and commercial use or users can opt for the licensed option priced at $99. All videos and images are available for review before purchase. To see an example video, please go here.

About Placeit
Placeit provides technology marketers and entrepreneurs the ability to automatically create professional imagery and app demo videos to market their apps. It provides thousands of templates including a variety of environments and devices so its users can simply design marketing collateral for their products.