Spiral Toys Engages Liolios Group to Lead Strategic Investor Relations Program

Spiral Toys (OTCQB: STOY), a leading provider of mobile-connected wireless entertainment products, has engaged Liolios Group to lead a new strategic investor relations and financial communications program.

“The April start of our multi-million dollar TV and digital media marketing campaign, funded by our global distribution partner, has already pushed orders for our new Internet-connected plush toy, CloudPets, over the 1 million mark,” said Mark Meyers, CEO of Spiral Toys. “This strong consumer response reveals Spiral as a whole new kind of social multimedia platform, and advances our vision of Spiral as the ‘Intel Inside’ for all kinds of entertainment products, with CloudPets representing only the beginning.”

“Given this pivotal stage in our development, we realize our shareholders would benefit from a team of experienced professionals that will help us navigate the capital markets and strengthen our investor communications. Liolios Group helps companies like Spiral Toys to enhance shareholder value by delivering the right message to the right audience, and by establishing high-quality relationships with influential members of the financial community.”

Over the course of the next several months, Liolios Group will work closely with Spiral Toys management to develop and execute a comprehensive capital markets strategy. Activities will include messaging and corporate positioning, strategic advisory and introductions to new investors and key influencers in the financial community. Liolios Group will also assist in scheduling financial conferences over the next several months.

For additional information about Spiral Toys, contact Liolios Group at 949-574-3860 or email STOY@liolios.com.

About Liolios Group
Liolios Group, Inc. is a highly selective and comprehensive investor relations firm specializing in small-cap companies. The firm aims to deliver superior performance in corporate messaging and positioning, investor awareness, analyst and financial press coverage, and capital attraction. Founded in 1999, Liolios Group executives have extensive experience in finance and investments, and represent clients in a wide range of industries, including technology, digital media, consumer/internet retail, healthcare/life sciences, natural resources, financial services and business services. For more information about Liolios Group, please visit www.liolios.com.

About Spiral Toys
Founded by a former senior executive of Disney and Sony, Spiral Toys (OTCQB: STOY) is a California-based company focused on developing and marketing products and mobile applications in the mobile-connected space. Spiral’s mobile-connected entertainment platform connects physical items to today’s top mobile devices through wireless technologies, creating a new kind of interactive user experience.

Spiral sells its products worldwide, and is developing additional applications based on its platform technology for several different verticals within the entertainment industry. Spiral collects revenue on both the physical purchase of goods and the sale of digital content through Apple’s App Store and the Google Marketplace. The company also acts as co-developer with major entertainment studios. For more information, visit www.spiraltoys.com.