EdgeCast Deploys New Streaming, Analytics and Security Features

EdgeCast Networks, the superior, cost-effective rich media content delivery network (CDN), today announced it has expanded its service offerings with a real-time reporting module, new sub-account provisioning features, expanded Flash and Windows streaming functionality, and a dozen new API modules.

EdgeCast has enhanced its already advanced analytics and reporting suite with new reports on partial and completed downloads, media-type file breakdown, and many more. The company also launched a new real-time reporting module giving customers true real-time visibility into site traffic, video player connections, HTTP bandwidth usage, purge and load queue, and storage usage. Customers can now track their events in real time and see exactly how much of their content is being delivered and to how many people. Log delivery has also been enhanced, giving customers access to their logs via a web control panel and via FTP, enabling automatic delivery of log files to customer FTP servers.

The company’s reporting and analytics suite gives customers insight and reporting that is unparalleled in the content delivery industry. This growing feature set empowers the more than 500 customers using the EdgeCast network with extensive, immediate visibility and intelligence into live media streams, advertising campaigns, and web site performance. This enables companies to quickly find and correct media problems, learn what advertising is working, and ensure a web site is performing optimally every minute of the day – without waiting for hourly or daily reports to be generated.

EdgeCast also announced unique self-provisioning features that let customers instantly create a live streaming event without the need for the time-consuming back-and-forth of technical setup. Customers simply log on to their EdgeCast control panel and provision live events instantly.

“Time is money,” said John Petrocelli, CEO of Incited Media. “The power to set up a global live streaming event with a few clicks is valuable indeed. To deliver an optimal live event for our clients, we need to avoid setup and provisioning hassles, and eliminate barriers like phone calls, emails, support tickets, and the technical back-and-forth. This is one more way EdgeCast has set itself apart.”

New security features include custom SSL certificates, global HTTPS delivery, and enhanced token-based authentication including geo-filtering, block by referrer, block by IP address, and block by expiration.

Additional technical enhancements include new enhancements to EdgeCast’s robust APIs allowing customers and partners to automate all key functionality for easy integration with existing software solutions. The company has also improved HTTP/1.1 header compliance, added rsync functionality for origin storage file synchronization, and enabled on-the-fly CNAME modifications so companies can quickly point their domains and subdomains at EdgeCast-hosted content.

“Our customers and prospects want more flexibility, more control, and more visibility. The new features and functionality we’re announcing today deliver on all three counts,” said James Segil, president of EdgeCast Networks.

About EdgeCast Networks, Inc.

EdgeCast offers a superior, cost-effective global content delivery service that gives our customers and partners competitive advantage in the delivery of digital media. Our world-class content delivery platform provides customers the cost benefits and flexibility of controlling their own content delivery network while freeing them from capital investments and operational hassles. To learn more, visit www.edgecast.com .