SalesFitRx Launches Software to Streamline the Sales Process, Increase Revenues

SalesFitRx, the sales performance tool provider, today announced the launch of their unique software platform that allows sales professionals and sales teams to track their everyday activities against overall performance, and zero in on key activities that will enable them reach quota more quickly and increase revenues. It also creates healthy competition within their team and serves as platform to learn best practices. SalesFitRx gets sales teams back in shape.

“SalesFitRx is like the FitBit® of sales performance,” said Don Pierson, CEO of SalesFitRx. “The software allows sales professionals to become their own personal ‘sales fitness’ coach with meaningful data that helps them find more focus and better organize their time.”

Sales professionals spend an average of only 35 percent of their time actually selling, according to CSO Insights. What is happening the other 65 percent of the time? SalesFitRx provides answers by capturing full, real-time behavior patterns and providing unique insights about selling and non-selling activities across sales teams.

The promise of the company is obvious to Jim Dickie, a nationally respected marketing expert and managing partner with CSO Insights. “On a mass scale, sales quotas are on the rise every year and closing rates have been declining,” said Dickie. “That’s the gap that SalesFitRx fills. The software provides the kind of insight that teaches sales teams how to improve their performance and increase their closing rates. The software has the potential to be a significant game changer for helping sales organizations optimize their performance.”

For sales managers and executives, the SalesFitRx platform provides a unique reporting dashboard with rich insights into the sales process. The software offers managers and sales professionals a unique look at how they are spending their time and allows for easy benchmarking against fellow colleagues to improve productivity and increase overall effectiveness.

Several organizations are already engaging with SalesFitRx using trial accounts to evaluate the benefits of use in their environments. The company is offering “70-day free trial accounts” for companies seeking to improve their sales performance.

SalexFitRx has already gained considerable attention. Locally, the tool was named a winner in the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Innovation Challenge when it was doing business as “Spotlight Software.” It was selected to participate in the ACA’s Venture Madness showcase in March, and recently became a finalist for the 2015 American Business Awards, “Stevie Award,” as Top Tech Startup of the year in the Software and Services category. Since February, the company has been operating as SalesFitRx, a name that more appropriately conveys the mission of the company: To improve the fitness of dedicated sales professionals.

About SalesFitRx
SalesFitRx was designed to get sales teams in shape by providing unique insights and personal development tools to help sales professionals become more successful and efficient. The SaaS platform is easily installed on a variety of devices and provides numerous benefits to both sales managers and sales staff, including improved metrics, training and reporting. For more information, visit