DigitalGlobe Expands Footprint in Washington, DC Area

DigitalGlobe , a leading global content provider of high-resolution world imagery solutions, today announced the opening of its new Arlington, Virginia office. The new facility centralizes staff from DigitalGlobe’s downtown Washington D.C. Government Relations office established in 2003, and the Tyson’s Corner, Va. National Security Programs office established in 2004.

“We merged operations to provide enhanced cohesion and responsiveness to our customers and leading government and industry decision makers,” said Dawn Sienicki, Vice President of Government Relations, DigitalGlobe. “Our new location offers room for operational expansion and additional capabilities to support our growing and diverse customer base in the Washington D.C. area.”

The new Arlington, Va. office reflects DigitalGlobe’s commitment to improving customer relations, service operations and enables us to be closer to government customers including federal civil, defense and intelligence agencies. The new office will house DigitalGlobe’s Government Relations staff, responsible for DigitalGlobe’s policy and Congressional lobbying efforts, and strategic outreach to U.S. Government decision makers, as well as the National Security Programs staff, responsible for defense and intelligence related sales, business development, and relationships with customers such as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and national security industry partners.

The new Capital region office reflects DigitalGlobe’s companywide commitment to maintaining high levels of customer service. This announcement comes after recent DigitalGlobe commercial business office expansions in London and Singapore that reinforce DigitalGlobe’s commitment to providing enhanced levels of sales, operations and marketing support to its international territories.

About DigitalGlobe

Longmont, Colorado-based DigitalGlobe ( ) is a leading global provider of commercial high resolution world imagery products and services. Sourced from our own advanced satellite constellation, our imagery solutions support a wide variety of uses within defense and intelligence, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management as well as internet portals and navigation technology.