Premier Community Bank Adopts Mirador Financial’s Loan Technology to Deepen Personalized Lending Services to Small Businesses

Mirador Financial, providing a cloud-based small business lending platform that helps financial institutions make smarter, faster lending decisions, today announced that Premier Community Bank is leveraging Mirador’s secure, cloud-based lending platform to simplify the loan application and underwriting processes for its small business customers. Using the Mirador platform, Premier Community Bank will be able to grow its small business lending operations through greater efficiency, while still maintaining its service-oriented, personal connection with customers.

“There is no cookie-cutter approach to small business lending, so we’ve prided ourselves on working closely with our customers to ensure we understand their borrowing needs,” said Rick A. Roby, president and CEO at Premier Community Bank, which operates five branches in the Portland, Ore., metropolitan area. “Mirador allows us to marry advanced technology with our unique personal approach to streamline our loan application and approval practices, and gain efficiencies that will enable us to more quickly respond to our customers’ lending requests.”

In addition to providing better service to customers, the Mirador platform enables banks to quickly expand their small business lending programs without additional infrastructure or development costs.

Applying for a bank loan can be a long process, often requiring days to complete the application and gather, print and provide supporting documentation. The bank may also require multiple meetings with a borrower to identify missing documentation before the loan application is complete. Mirador’s loan technology can greatly reduce the time this takes by streamlining the application process and improving the way data is gathered on behalf of the borrower.

Using the Mirador platform, Premier Community Bank will have an online portal through which customers can easily fill out applications and upload necessary supporting documents. With the permission of the applicant, Mirador also gathers and provides the bank with access to the applicant’s tax filings and other third-party information, eliminating the need for business owners to spend hours tracking down files or paying their accountant to do it for them. By seamlessly gathering this information online in a central location, the bank’s loan officers can more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively underwrite smaller dollar business loans.

“Premier Community Bank has set the gold standard in providing personalized, high-quality financial services to small businesses throughout the Portland area,” said Trevor Dryer, Mirador CEO and co-founder. “With the Mirador platform, Premier Community Bank will be able to utilize technology in a way that deepens these personal relationships and provides a competitive advantage over other lenders who use technology, but aren’t able to offer the community connection or local expertise.”

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About Premier Community Bank
Premier Community Bank delivers loan and deposit product solutions through local, experienced and professional bankers to businesses, nonprofits, professionals and individuals throughout Washington, and now Yamhill, County and the greater Portland metropolitan area. For more information about Premier Community Bank call (503) 693-7500 or visit the website at

About Mirador Financial
Mirador Financial offers a cloud-based platform that helps lenders make smart, fast small business loan decisions. The platform leverages big data and algorithmic decision-making to help banks, credit unions, nonprofits and other types of lenders provide small businesses with a positive borrowing experience by streamlining the loan application and approval process, while dramatically increasing the speed of transactions and minimizing losses. Mirador helps lenders find new customers, monitor loans after origination and make accurate underwriting decisions. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @miradorfin.