Trifacta Presents How Domain Specific Languages for Data Wrangling Support Multiple Execution Frameworks for Diverse Data

Trifacta, the leading data wrangling solution for exploratory analytics, today announced that engineers, Zain Asgar and Seshadri Mahalingam, will be speaking at Big Data Day LA. The session will explore the technical challenges and advantages of leveraging a domain specific language (DSL) for data wrangling. Asgar and Mahalingam will discuss the engineering considerations for constructing a DSL to support the different execution platforms required for efficiently transforming datasets of all shapes and sizes.

“Traditionally, transforming data has required developers to hand-code scripts for the particular data processing platform they’re leveraging for execution. With the various big data platforms, empowering users with a DSL that compiles down to the appropriate execution environment for a particular dataset provides entirely new levels of efficiency,” said Zain Asgar, director of engineering. “We look forward to discussing how we’ve architected our DSL, ‘Wrangle,’ to separate the user’s intent from a specific execution engine, while maintaining expressivity and allowing a wider range of users to wrangle diverse data.”

Asgar and Mahalingam will discuss how high-level user interactions produce language expressions and shared code generation across execution environments.

Title: Compiling DSLs for Diverse Execution Environments
Location: The Collective, Breakout Area 5
Zain Asgar, director of engineering
Seshadri Mahalingam, senior software engineer

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