Wise.io Announces Predictive Application to Automate and Optimize Customer Support Activities

Wise.io, which delivers predictive applications that transform how businesses engage with customers, today announced the availability of Wise Response. Built on Wise.io’s powerful machine learning engine, the new application analyzes data patterns from previous, resolved support tickets and recommends the best template to help agents quickly and consistently respond to customers. By automating a critical support process, Wise Response slashes the time and energy spent searching through hundreds of templates, significantly reducing response times, boosting agent productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

“Finding the right structured reply has always been a painful, time consuming process for our agents, chipping away at our ability to provide a consistent message and experience to our customers,” said Sean Rivers, Director of Customer Service at Republic Wireless. “With machine learning technology that is fast and simple enough for our agents to use, Wise.io has given us a leg up on responding effectively to our customers. This allows us to reallocate time otherwise spent on searching for templates to directly serving our customers.”

The announcement of Wise Response extends Wise.io predictive analytics solutions further across the customer lifecycle. Combined with Wise Routing, which automates the support ticket triage process, Wise Response delivers more efficient routing and response to radically improve the business of customer support. By applying the power of machine learning to drive better outcomes for customer success, Wise.io helps organizations manage ticket volume more effectively, quickly bring agents up to speed in the face of industry-wide turnover and create a more proactive, targeted approach to every customer.

“Machine learning is emerging as one of the most effective ways to help support organizations dig out from the deluge of data, whether it’s addressing high volumes of support tickets or honing in on high priority customer issues,” said Jeff Erhardt, CEO at Wise.io. “Wise.io applications serve as intelligent assistants, capturing how the organization’s best agent engages with customers and applying that knowledge across the entire support team.”

Wise Response starts by analyzing closed tickets to identify the language and customer data patterns that indicate the appropriate template to use. The application then reads the content of each new ticket and presents the agent with the top recommended templates that can be applied immediately. Over time, as individual agents apply templates, the application continues to learn and improve its recommendations for all agents, driving consistency and efficiency across the support team.

Wise Response is available for most major support systems, including Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud. For more information on Wise Response, visit http://support.wise.io

About Wise.io
Wise.io is transforming the business of customer success by applying the power of machine learning across the full customer lifecycle. Driven by a cloud-based machine learning engine, the company’s predictive applications automatically learn from past patterns in order to predict future behavior, helping users to optimize how they acquire, monetize, support and retain customers. Companies ranging from Silicon Valley startups to the largest Fortune 500 corporations rely on Wise applications to better engage with their customers. Founded in 2012, Wise.io is headquartered in Berkeley, CA and backed by Voyager Capital. Learn more www.wise.io and follow us @wiseio.