Source Technologies Introduces New Keyless Tray Lock

Source Technologies, a world-class provider of secure and MICR printing solutions, announced the availability of their new keyless tray lock on the recently introduced ST9600 family of printers. The tray lock upgrade, generally used for securing check stock, valuable paper and prescription forms, offers a theft-deterrent option for any organization needing to secure their valuable paper resources.

“In providing our customers with a keyless lock option, Source Technologies continues to bring innovative solutions to the secure print market,” advised Sarah Burkhart, Director Product Marketing. “This option represents a small step that financial institutions, healthcare providers and government agencies can implement fairly easily and with minimal cost and in doing so they thwart a significant risk of fraud.”

The keyless tray lock, the newest version of Source Technologies’ very popular physical lock-and-key security option for input trays, eliminates the concern of keys getting lost, stolen or ending up in the wrong hands. With this added security feature, users can feel safe in the knowledge that their valuable paper remains secure.

“The new, rugged, all-metal combination lock is easy to use and enables the customer to select the combination that works best for their needs. It also gives them the ability to change the code as often as they like, providing another level of security,” said Roger Owens, Engineering Manager.

About Source Technologies

Source Technologies’ self-service kiosks and secure print solutions empower businesses to automate a wide-range of processes including complex banking transactions, customer-facing retail and hospitality interactions, and the secure printing of sensitive information and negotiable documents. Our self-service kiosks support multiple applications including bill payment, price checker, quick serve orders, and digital signage. Our secure printers and MICR printing solutions support even the most time- and information-sensitive applications, such as payroll, accounts payable and prescription printing. For fresh inspiration, come see what Source Technologies can help you achieve.