Myfox Introduces Security Camera With World’s First Privacy Shutter

Myfox, the European leader in smart home security, today announced U.S. retail availability of its smart home security system, the Myfox Security Camera and the Myfox Home Alarm kit. The camera will be sold on its own, while the Home Alarm kit includes one siren, one IntelliTAG™ smart sensor, one key fob and one wireless link. Going beyond standard security measures, the privacy shutter on the camera and the IntelliTAG™ smart sensor’s ability to detect a break-in before it occurs provides peace of mind and is easily customized for any lifestyle.

“Myfox’s mission is to protect the people, places and things that matter most,” said Scott Ledterman, Chief Operating Officer and SVP, Sales and Marketing at Myfox, Inc. “We’re dedicated to home security and have developed a non-intrusive way for people to keep watch over their homes while they’re away and also feel comfortable when relaxing at home.”

Myfox Security Camera
With the world’s first motorized privacy shutter that’s controlled via the phone’s app, the Myfox Security Camera provides security when you need it and privacy when you’re at home. Myfox developed the innovative idea behind the non-intrusive camera by studying user feedback from previous generations of cameras sold in Europe, which found that 30% of users were unplugging their cameras when they were at home in an effort to increase privacy. The camera setup takes just 90 seconds and with the Myfox Security App, users can keep close watch on their homes no matter where in their world they are.

The camera provides one hour of battery back-up and a 1080P video sensor with CVR capabilities, two-way audio and 4x zoom, among all of the other features that you’d expect from a best-in-class security camera. With its sleek design and lightweight portability, the Myfox Security Camera integrates seamlessly into any home’s decor.

Myfox Home Alarm
The Myfox Security Camera becomes part of a proactive security system with its integration into the Myfox Home Alarm. The 4th generation IntelliTAG™ smart sensor uses vibrational algorithms to detect and alert of a break-in before it occurs. It’s smart enough to tell the difference between a break in attempt and a ball bouncing against the door and can be used on any opening. We conducted a user survey and found that 80% of break-in attempts were deterred thanks to the IntelliTAG™ triggering the siren. Once triggered, it sounds the Myfox Home Alarm and sends an alert to your smartphone or even alerts friends and family, allowing you to call the authorities. The Myfox key fobs provide a truly connected experience, as they can be personalized with usage case settings for each member of the family. Each key fob also automatically disarms the entire Myfox system when arriving home – no codes or alarm setting necessary, which makes for a security system that people will actually use.

Myfox Ecosystem
Have you ever needed someone to check in on your house when you’re on vacation, without allowing them inside your home? Would you like to be notified of a break-in attempt at your neighbor’s home? The Myfox Community function within The Myfox Security App allows you to grant access and/or provide alerts to your family, friends and neighbors. The Myfox system has an open API, making its integration with other smart home products seamless and future-proof.

The Myfox Security Camera is available for $199. The Myfox Home Alarm includes the alarm, one IntelliTAG™ smart sensor, one key fob and a wireless link that connects it all and is available for $279. Additional key fobs can be purchased for $29.99 and additional IntelliTAG™ smart sensors are available for $49.99. Myfox products are now available for sale at and can also be found at selected retailers, including,,, and Fry’s Electronics.

About Myfox
Since 2005, Myfox has been committed to redefining home security with simple, unique solutions designed to safeguard families, their homes and possessions. Myfox is the developer of one of the world’s first connected home security systems (2009) and today offers true security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence and its award-winning IntelliTAG™ sensor. Founded by experts from a leading French security lock company and based in Labège, France, Myfox is a 2015 International CES Innovation Awards Honoree, and the recipient of an iF Design Award 2015 and 2015 Red Dot Design Award.