TELMEX Announces Strategic Alliance With Avaya to Continue Its Unified Communications Services Evolution Built on a Virtualized Avaya IP Office Platform

During the 10th annual Avaya Evolutions Engage event, a leading technology forum for telecommunications and innovation in Mexico, TELMEX and Avaya announced a strategic alliance in Mexico to offer Unified Communications (UC) solutions in the cloud, through a virtualized Avaya IP Office platform, hosted in TELMEX’s Triara Data Center.

TELMEX’s hosted solution provides desktop and mobile communication services including instant messaging, audio, web conferencing, video and mobility solutions on a single platform and in a more secure environment to companies of all sizes. Customers can choose and scale services according to their requirements.

TELMEX’s latest UC hosted offerings respond to the need of businesses to optimize investments in enterprise communications through solutions managed by third parties. Without having to invest in infrastructure, SMBs and large corporations have access to reliable and robust UC solutions to obtain services, features and applications in an on-demand, pay-per-use model.

“We are extremely pleased to be making this announcement with TELMEX, Latin America’s largest service provider, in conjunction with our Avaya Evolutions event held in Mexico City. With Avaya’s IP Office solution, TELMEX is making the right move for businesses in Mexico City and across the region by providing its valued business customers with a cost-effective and highly engaging experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device.”
 –Joe Manuele, vice president, Global Cloud Services, Avaya

The TELMEX Managed Unified Communications service can be available on a monthly fee basis or pay-on-demand basis through the business division of TELMEX.

TELMEX and its subsidiaries provide telecommunications services in Mexico. The Company’s service coverage comprises the operation of the nation’s most complete local and long distance networks. Additionally, TELMEX offers services like connectivity, Internet access, co-location, web hosting and interconnection services to other telecommunications operators. More information about TELMEX can be accessed on the Internet at

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