Salesfusion’s Marketing Automation Platform Drives Awareness and ROI for Education Technology Provider

Salesfusion, the leading provider of cloud-based marketing automation technology for small and mid-sized businesses, has simplified lead outreach for Realityworks.

The global provider of experiential learning tools for schools, social services and career training recently adopted Salesfusion to generate top of mind awareness and conversions through its lengthy sales cycles.

Emily Kuhn, Realityworks marketing automation specialist, spent her first day with Realityworks at Salesfusion University, a two-day training program on how to leverage Salesfusion’s marketing automation platform. According to Kuhn, “Spending my first day of work at Salesfusion University was empowering. I left thinking, ‘Wow, you can do a lot with this tool!’ I was excited to get started.”

With Salesfusion’s nurture capabilities, Realityworks has steadily dripped content like white papers to leads in the buying cycle. These drip campaigns have allowed the organization to remain present in the minds of prospects. The content distribution features are supplemented with advanced reporting, allowing the Realityworks marketing team to analyze performance at a higher level.

“We use Salesfusion to track engagement for every single campaign. The platform integrates with our CRM, so the data flows over and allows us to follow lead progression through the pipeline,” said Kuhn.

Prospect follow-up performance has improved as well, as Salesfusion has automated the journey from information-capture to outreach. Lead scoring allows the marketing team to easily qualify leads based on engagement, indicating when a lead becomes sales-ready.

“Salesfusion enables us to score leads based on multiple activities. Automating this process has helped us streamline and prioritize our outreach. We’ve seen more lead conversions as a result,” said Kuhn.

In addition to increased response rates through nurture marketing and personalized landing pages, Realityworks now has visibility into which of its assets best influences lead conversion. Salesfusion’s built-in reporting dashboards and A/B testing functionality help Realityworks more accurately track its successes.

“B2B companies, like Realityworks, must find more efficient ways to reach, nurture and convert prospective buyers into loyal customers. Salesfusion’s platform can help them accomplish this so they can scale their lead management and conversion process to drive greater revenue.” said Carol O’Kelley, CEO of Salesfusion.

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Salesfusion’s mission is to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships. Salesfusion stands out among cloud-based marketing automation vendors for its superior lead nurture and engagement marketing capabilities. It also provides an out-of-the-box unparalleled integration between its marketing automation platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor, SugarCRM and Salesforce. Visit for more information.

ABOUT Realityworks, Inc.
Established 20 years ago to better address teen pregnancy prevention, parenting skills, child abuse and neglect through educational products, Realityworks, Inc. is dedicated to creating experiential learning tools that engage students while improving the human condition. Most famous for their RealCare® Baby infant simulator (formerly known as Baby Think it Over® or BTIO), Realityworks has developed several other programs over the last decade that address career preparation areas, like RealCareer® Welding Solutions for welding education and training. With products in 62 percent of U.S. school districts and programs in more than 90 countries around the world, Realityworks has made a worldwide impact. For more information, visit, or call toll-free 800-830-1416.