ValuSource Introduces Web-Based Public Company Data with Built-in Analyzer

ValuSource Software, the leader in business valuation software, today announced the release of its online Public Company Data valuation database and analyzer tool.

“For as little as $195, professional business valuators now have access to five years of detailed data on over 9,500 publicly-traded companies that they can use as comparables for the guideline market approach,” said David Fein, ValuSource CEO and co-founder. “The ValuSource Public Company database includes a tremendous amount of data, but it is especially significant because of its incredibly affordable price, and it pulls far away from any competition with our built-in analyzer tool.”

The analyzer tool, Fein explained, automatically compares a target company with up to 50 public companies selected by the valuator. It saves up to 80% of the time normally taken to perform this analysis. The analyzer determines public companies that are potentially comparable to the target company by comparing the target company’s data with relevant data in the public companies income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, profitability ratios, growth rates, and value multiples.

“ValuSource’s database represents a rare quantum leap forward,” said Richard Claywell, CPA, ABV, and CVA, a business valuator who has done valuations for more than 700 companies in the Houston area over the last three decades. “It may well permanently reshape guideline company database market by offering unheard-of depth and complexity at this price point, which is matched with a design that makes it simple for virtually anyone to use.”

Some competitive advantages of the ValuSource Public Company database include:

  • Cost-Effective Research. To obtain even a subset of the database’s five years of annual and quarterly information from free public sources (e.g., Yahoo!, Google, Edgar, etc.) involves a significant investment in time; competitive products have databases with all of this information, but at costs over $5,000. ValuSource offers an entry point of $195 for five searches.
  • Sophisticated Analyzer Tool. The Excel-based analyzer tool sorts quickly through relevant data in public company income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, profitability ratios, growth rates, and value multiples, and develops a rich set of criteria for comparing guideline companies to a privately-held target company.
  • Easy-to-Use and Understand. ValuSource’s Public Data comparables database was designed to make it very easy for both novice and professional valuators to both find and analyze public company data.

Subscriptions start at five searches for $195 and an unlimited annual subscription is $895. ValuSource Public Company comparables database is available now. Call 1 (800) 825-8763 for more information.

About ValuSource Software

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