Explain My Surgery Pursues Merger

Explain My Surgery Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has begun aggressively pursuing a merger with an existing publicly traded company. Explain My Surgery Inc. operates Explain My Surgery.com which is an independent, unbiased educational source of information for the patient considering his or her surgical options.

For patients, weighing the risks and benefits of surgery can be a life altering decision. In a physician’s busy practice, it may be difficult to spend sufficient time with each and every patient to ensure they fully understand detailed and complicated procedures. Explain My Surgery.com is a tool that can help to facilitate better communication between physicians and their patients. Using the Explain My Surgery.com interface in the admission’s area of a hospital, from home or even in the physician’s office, patients will review associated risks and benefits, as well as better understand the realistic expectations of their upcoming procedure. Logging on to our HIPAA-compliant website, Explain My Surgery.com, the patient is welcomed and guided through our easy-to-use information delivery system. Patients simply read at their own pace and click acknowledgement through a series of questions and informative statements that outline the specific procedure. Explain My Surgery.com will review in detail the purpose of the surgery, how the procedure is done, possible complications and realistic expectations as well as an outline of post-surgical recuperation. The report generated will be sent to the hospital and physician and can be incorporated into the patient records prior to informed consent. Patient education is vital to the future of medical care and costs in the United States as well as abroad. Explain My Surgery.com was created to provide that education in language that does not require a medical degree to understand.

Explain My Surgery.com is a service that is provided free of charge to physicians. Our core business revenue source is from advertising, which based upon the number of unique hits and the amount of time spent on our site is projected to be $500-$700 million from 2009 through 2014. Further, larger revenues will be realized through our mergers and acquisitions division. Professional liability carriers have recognized the decrease in risk from frivolous malpractice claims enjoyed by Explain My Surgery.com participants, with several insurance companies offering their clients a 5% rebate on malpractice premiums with documented proof that Explain My Surgery.com was used as an adjuvant for obtaining informed consent. As hospitals will soon be required to show proof that all surgical admissions show documentation that their patients have been educated in an easy-to-understand format that also tests the patient’s risk comprehension with interactive feedback, Explain My Surgery.com fulfills this requirement.

There are myriad advantages to merging with and thereby becoming a public company. Firstly, our contributors will realize a return on their initial investments at an earlier time. Secondly, as a public company, we will be able to vigorously pursue mergers and acquisitions of similarly traded entities. And finally, we will be able to establish name recognition in our continued pursuit to become the leader in interactive understandable medical information delivery throughout the world.