Layton Technology Network Inventory Software now Available for 1.00

Layton Technology today announced the availability of their Network Inventory software for $1.00. Tim Donihi, Layton Technology Senior Sales Manager, knows that times are hard. Many companies have put a lid on capital expenditure such as, for example, their Network Inventory software. Layton’s solution? Offer a license to use the Company’s popular technology at a cost of a single buck when the user also takes out an annual support license.

AuditWizard is a very successful product for us,” explains Donihi. “And now that we’ve improved it even more with Layton’s AuditWizard Version 8 we’re excited to show people what it can do. By offering a license for one dollar, we’ll be giving companies the opportunity to use a solution that may be superior to what they’re currently using, and without having to spend the normal fortune on this kind of technology.”

Moreover, Layton Technology is promising even further cost savings by offering support at, what they believe, is far less than competing products. This makes for excellent value and reduces the total cost of ownership. It’s a way for an organization to save significant money in the long term, in addition to being able to get underway with AuditWizard v8 at Layton’s unprecedented price.

Network Inventory software is indispensible to companies needing to track and maintain all of the hardware and software on their computer networks. Those considering making the switch to AuditWizard can do so by downloading the software and trying it out. The download can be found at . Version 8 comes with a redesigned user-friendly interface, improved software license management capabilities, a comprehensive dashboard, and new asset management facilities, along with a host of other new advantages. AuditWizard can even audit printers and does so comprehensively enough to even let you know things like how much toner is left.

“It’s just a way to respond to the realities of the marketplace,” explains Donihi with respect to the offering. “We’re sympathetic to the financial situation a lot of IT departments are in, and yet we have a product we know they’ll want to try. And so it’s really a win-win.” But the offer won’t last forever. “Oh, no, we can’t keep doing it,” says Donihi. “But for now we’re certainly willing to provide this way for people to give our product a try. We think they’ll be impressed.”