Procima Expert Becomes EXIA

Procima Experts, a leader in business intelligence (BI) consulting services, data management and predictive analytics, has announced that it is adopting the name EXIA, from the phrase experts en intelligence d’affaires (“business intelligence experts”). This name more accurately reflects the company’s reputation while marking a new stage in its development.

The decision, taken after the company revised its business plan, is the result of a long period of growth characterized by a constantly evolving business intelligence market. This situation necessitated an in-depth analysis of the company’s positioning and its growth objectives. As a result, it has revised its offering and adapted its management structure in order to take advantage of the opportunities available to it. Although EXIA remains a firm offering cutting-edge expertise to large corporations, the broadening of its offering will respond to the growing demand from the burgeoning SME market. In this market, the use of business intelligence tools has been democratized through advanced solutions that are both accessible and user-friendly.

Thus, the foundations have been laid for a new phase of accelerated growth. The business plan is supported by a number of factors. EXIA’s offering is particularly attractive to companies seeking to adopt powerful BI tools and experts wishing to participate in challenging projects. As a result, EXIA is able to take on projects of all kinds while providing consistent quality.

In addition, EXIA has established strategic alliances with major manufacturers such as Wherescape and Tableau Software, and has announced the launch of a practice offering Microsoft solutions to the medium-sized business market. In this way, EXIA is able to pair cutting-edge products with its vast expertise. This aspect of the company’s business was enhanced recently through its merger with vCube Solutions, a firm specializing in the development and integration of advanced financial BI solutions. In addition to these solutions, for which many clients have a pressing need, vCube Solutions provides expertise in development and integration, which is applicable in all business intelligence projects. In this respect, the management skills of Luc Landreville and Benoît Girard of vCube Solutions, serial entrepreneurs and new partners in the company, are extremely valuable to EXIA.

“Our new name reflects our renewed desire to build a great company,” says EXIA president Éric Bélanger. “In fact, it is the result of an in-depth analysis that led us to see the organization from a long-term perspective and in a context of strong growth. All aspects of the company were reviewed, and this transformed the way in which we are operated and governed, opening the door to consolidation, which will benefit both our clients and the company.”

“EXIA will continue to provide a varied, evolving service offering that is consistent with its corporate culture, focusing on skills and talents for the benefit of our clients,” said Luc Landreville, partner and president of vCube Solutions. “The products and expertise we now share with EXIA are in line with the demand and will result in sustained growth in all the markets we serve.”

A success story

Since it was founded, the firm has achieved numerous successes through its unique client-centred approach, focusing on skills. Above all, this approach has allowed clients to take advantage of the presence of recognized experts and key people on the ground, within the delivery teams. This provides the client with quality and reliability, as well as a strong capacity to deliver. It is one of the factors that has enabled the company to experience such spectacular growth.

Between 2010 and 2012, EXIA improved its ranking to 38th in the prestigious Canadian PROFIT HOT 50, showing an increase in revenue of 488% for that period. The firm is now ranked fourth among Quebec companies on this list, in all business sectors. In 2014, EXIA made its debut in the Branham300 Canadian ranking. It was then awarded 239th place in the Top 250 Canadian ICT Companies and was featured in the 25 Up and Coming ICT Companies, which is a distinguished group of 25 highly innovative organizations. In 2015, the company ranked 221st, confirming its continued progress.

About EXIA

EXIA is a business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics consulting firm that provides products, services, expertise and best practices in those areas to help clients achieve their business goals. Founded in 2010 by three experienced specialists, Procima Experts today employs more than 40 consultants to carry out critical projects for its clients. In its first two years, the company grew by nearly 500%.

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