AnyPresence Launches Free Edition of JustAPIS for Rapid API Development

AnyPresence, the leading enterprise platform for digital transformation, today announced that it has released JustAPIs Developer Edition, a free-for-life version of the innovative solution for accelerating the development of modern, RESTful APIs for web, mobile, and IoT applications. Aimed at enterprise application developers, JustAPIs provides a compelling way to quickly and easily create APIs and deploy them to any cloud or on-premise infrastructure, so that organizations can enable app ecosystems around them.

AnyPresence first announced JustAPIs in May 2015, and has since seen enterprise customers like Citi go live on the solution, and demand for the product continues to grow rapidly. The company is now offering a free edition, meant for individual users and up to five API endpoints, that it believes will appeal to enterprise and independent developers who need an affordable solution for defining and deploying APIs. Unlike traditional API management solutions, JustAPIs is targeted at app developers who need to build APIs quickly, with a low footprint server that can be deployed instantly on virtually any operating system, including Linux ARM-based microcomputers that power IoT devices.

“We often run across IT or citizen developers working behind the corporate firewall, who need to quickly build APIs for innovation projects, or to modernize legacy web services and databases,” said Richard Mendis, chief product officer and co-founder of AnyPresence. “JustAPIs meets this demand for microservices development with an elegant solution that is easy to use, but also offers a powerful and flexible workflow engine for advanced use cases. We are excited to make the solution available to an even wider audience with a free version.”

One of the challenges IT organizations face according to Gartner is that “there is a risk that citizen integrators might end up deploying a lot of small, custom projects that will exacerbate issues with compliance, privacy and data consistency. These projects might not be able to be reused in other contexts and would accumulate a sizeable technical debt, which may mask security or compliance problems. If this is reason enough to turn an organization away from adopting citizen integrators, they can instead use product offerings that allow any developers (even front-end engineers) and not just those skilled in back-end development to build three or four APIs quickly. Such tools can also simplify the process of migrating apps with a legacy back end into an MBaaS server; users can create API endpoints that match the legacy systems, and then route these to new cloud service infrastructure.”

JustAPIs is a high-performance, compiled executable that can run on any Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX operating system, from a single developer’s laptop to large-scale, clustered production environments. JustAPIs can be installed instantly and includes sample APIs that use familiar JavaScript-based business logic, so developers can be up and running with their own API server in minutes. The solution can be deployed behind any load balancer or gateway solution (such as Akana, Apigee, Mashery, or NetScaler) for traffic shaping and routing. The free developer edition includes the full set of capabilities, including new features such as connectivity to databases for data persistence and a built-in console to rapidly test and debug your business logic workflow.

Kin Lane, veteran API industry expert, recently reviewed JustAPIs on API Evangelist, and wrote: “I thought [JustAPIs] was more progressive than what AWS (Amazon Web Services) is up to, pushing into Internet of Things (IoT) territory, over just mimicking what many existing API gateways offer.”

JustAPIs can be applied to a wide variety of use cases including:

  • Generate simple proxy APIs without coding
  • Easily create custom APIs with familiar JavaScript-based business logic
  • Create standalone APIs or map against legacy or source systems
  • Complement and augment existing API management solutions
  • Enable app ecosystems around APIs with SDKs and mobile starter kits

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About AnyPresence
AnyPresence is an enterprise platform for digital transformation that enables API microservices, enterprise mobility, and IoT app ecosystem initiatives. AnyPresence is venture-backed and was founded in 2011 by former SAP, Oracle and Cisco executives. The platform empowers users to build APIs and cross-platform apps following IT governance and best practices. The patented AnyPresence architecture provides source code access to UI test kits, SDKs, and backend servers, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. The solution can uniquely support innovation ecosystems of users and citizen developers from any web portal. AnyPresence is recognized for its award-winning technology and unparalleled customer service, and reliably powers thousands of APIs and apps for large enterprises including Citi, Jabil, MasterCard and Schneider Electric. For more information, visit