Allset Raises $1.5M to Beat the Lunch Rush

Allset (, a new mobile app for restaurants and busy lunchtime eaters, is launching today for free download on iOS and Android. The company is also announcing the close of a $1.5M round by SMRK VC Fund and private investor and entrepreneur Alexandr Chernyak.

Allset launches for widespread use after successfully testing the app at twelve restaurants in San Francisco and Palo Alto popular with the lunch crowd (Arte Ristorante, Atlas Tap Room, Birba, Boulevard, Farmhouse Kitchen, Il Casaro, La Mar, Les Clos, Mochica, Prospect, The Lunchpad, The Monk’s Kettle). Beginning today, any restaurant in the United States is eligible to use the app to allow lunchtime diners to book a table, pre-order their food, and pre-pay the bill. Using Allset can save diners up to 40 minutes of the time that is usually spent eating out during the lunch rush.

Benefits for Restaurants

  • Reach busy diners by offering the fastest way for patrons to get sit-down meals
  • Increase table turnover by skipping delays with food preparation and bill pay
  • One-touch acceptance of order, reservation, and payment
  • Free setup, no hardware to install
  • Works well alongside other restaurant reservation services

Benefits for Lunch Eaters

  • By pre-booking, pre-ordering, and pre-paying, busy diners can have their lunch ready-to-be-served upon their arrival (and can return to work without waiting for the check)
  • Diners with tight schedules can now enjoy relaxed sit down meals without worrying if the food or the check will come in time
  • No more having to choose between slamming meals to get back to work and eating at a desk

Affordable Costs

When a reservation and order is made using Allset, $1 is charged to the diner (for the entire order — even a 10 person group would be $1) and $1 is charged to the restaurant.


“The weekday lunch rush is a frenetic time for businesspeople and restaurants alike,” Mickey Bruce, Owner, The Lunchpad. “We’re excited to be one of the first adopters of Allset in an attempt to help diners enjoy a great sit-down meal without the stress of watching the clock. On the business side, we’re looking for the app to bring in new customers, speed up table turnover, and increase lunch sales by 10%. We’re glad to say it plays nice with other reservation apps we use as well. With Allset, I believe The Lunchpad’s delivering a customer experience that many of our lunchtime diners are looking for.”

“Our mission is to free busy workers from their desks at lunchtime,” said Stas Matviyenko, CEO, Allset. “On days when we’re stressed at the office – that’s often when a quick change of scene and the pleasure of a sit-down meal is most beneficial. With Allset, eateries are empowered to provide all the joys of a full restaurant experience, minus the parts that can be stressful when you’re in a time crunch: waiting to order and waiting to pay.”

“Allset is all about providing mutual benefits for restaurants and diners,” said Alexandr Chernyak, Allset investor and co-founder of “Restaurants gain the benefit of a more rapid tempo in seating and completing their services, as well as a better prediction of the demand they can expect. Diners gain the ability to enjoy a meal that’s way better than fast food but arrives in even less time. We see a big potential for success with the work-hard-eat-quick lunchtime crowd.”

Allset Multimedia

Screenshots of Allset’s interface are available here:
– For diners:
– For restaurants:

A video demonstrating the appearance and functionality of the Allset app can be viewed here:

Get Allset

Restaurants interested in Allset can register here:

Diners can download the free Allset app for iOS and Android.
For iOS:
For Android:

About Allset

Allset, a new app for improving the lunchtime experience for diners and restaurants alike, comes from the makers of Settle, a successful restaurant reservation and pre-ordering mobile app in Eastern Europe. Settle is used by the top 50 restaurants and chains throughout the region, including highly acclaimed restaurants of prominent Ukrainian restaurateur Dima Borisov, which have seen a 10% increase in lunch sales since Settle was introduced. Allset is funded by a $1.5M round by SMRK VC Fund and private investor and entrepreneur Alexandr Chernyak.