FareHarbor Partners With Smartwaiver for Best in Class Digital Liability Waiver Integration

FareHarbor, a family-owned business serving tour and activity operators with the industry’s ultimate online booking and reservation management platform, today announced its partnership with Smartwaiver, the leading digital solution for liability waivers and release forms.

The FareHarbor platform is a mobile-friendly reservation system optimized for the tour and activity industry. Integrating Smartwaiver into this solution now allows customers booking activities on FareHarbor-enabled sites to complete and digitally sign a release of liability waiver or release form automatically during the booking process. Thanks to the value-added data collected through Smartwaiver, FareHarbor clients can find a participant in seconds, add comments to a customer profile, and gain valuable marketing and demographic insights to make smarter business decisions.

“FareHarbor is a clear market leader in managing reservations for tour and activity operators nationwide, and their high-touch approach and focus on simplifying operations for their clients makes them an ideal partner for Smartwaiver,” said Daryl McCarl, Director of Marketing and Business Development of Smartwaiver. “Collecting, storing and managing liability waivers is a critical yet time-consuming process for these businesses, so integrating our system into the FareHarbor reservation platform is a natural move that benefits both tour operators and their customers.”

Smartwaiver, a simple and powerful online waiver solution, converts release of liability waivers into interactive, digital documents that can be read and signed online beforehand from any device through the tour operator’s website, emails, or social media pages, or on-location from a Smartwaiver Kiosk or tablet. Once signed, the documents and customer data are stored in a secure and searchable cloud-based database. FareHarbor clients will be able to track and manage all signed customer waivers from within their account.

“We are proud to offer our industry’s leading enterprise-level reservation platform, and we are committed to delivering best-in-class usability, features and security,” said Lawrence Hester, CEO, FareHarbor. “When evaluating our options for waiver integration we considered an in-house build and a handful of strategic relationships, and in the end we chose to partner with Smartwaiver for their progressive architecture, their user experience and their class-leading feature set.”

The FareHarbor platform empowers tour operators to streamline the reservation process by managing phone, in-store, affiliate and online reservations — all with live, real-time availability. Users do not incur fees or sign contracts and enjoy the industry’s lowest credit card processing fees. What’s more, FareHarbor helps activity companies grow their revenue by delivering a host of no-fee marketing services that improve online visibility, web traffic and enhance the overall website experience.

About Smartwaiver
Founded in 2012 and based in Bend, Oregon, Smartwaiver is transforming the way business owners think about release of liability waivers. Smartwaiver is an online, digital waiver solution that streamlines operations and provides the data and tools companies need to make smarter business decisions. Today more than 1,500 companies that require waivers use the cloud-based software to get more than just a signature. For more information and to try it free for 30 days visit www.smartwaiver.com.

About FareHarbor
Founded in January 2013, Honolulu-based FareHarbor began shortly after a planned family vacation to Hawaii, when co-founder Zachary Hester, along with his brother Lawrence, discovered the challenges of booking activities online while on the island. After working in the business for 2 years, he assembled a team of family and friends and together they set out to create a world-class online reservation system specifically designed to empower tour operators to better serve their customers while increasing online bookings and revenue. Today, FareHarbor supports more than 1,000 clients in 42 states plus the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Tahiti from its offices in Hawaii, San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis and Boston. For more information, please visit www.fareharbor.com.