ClusterHQ Enters Q4 2015 With Over 390 Percent Increase in Downloads for Flocker, Its Container Data Management Software for Docker

The Container Data People, today announced significant momentum and several company milestones achieved in 2015. Highlighting the first half of 2015 was the release of Flocker 1.0, the industry’s only open source container data management software, used by enterprises to provide portability of Docker containers and their data between servers. With the release of its production-ready software, the company has seen significant business growth, reinforcing the need for persistent container data management that enables Docker to be used in a greater variety of mainstream enterprise production use cases.

Key achievements include:

  • Accelerated demand for Flocker: ClusterHQ’s open source software Flocker experienced over 390 percent increase in downloads since the release of version 1.0 in June. This tremendous uptake in the adoption of Flocker further validates the need for persistent data management for Docker so that entire applications can be containerized and put into production.
  • New executive hire from VMware to lead distributed storage engineering: Expanding its executive team, ClusterHQ hired Serge Pashenkov as vice president of distributed storage. Pashenkov brings over 15 years of experience in software development at leading enterprises. He was a cofounder of Virsto Software, an early leader in software-defined storage and helped lead the company to a successful acquisition by VMware, where he served for over two years as a vice president.
  • Successful deployment of major platform-as-a-service, backed by Flocker: Flocker is now being used in production in the Swisscom Application Cloud, a publically available platform-as-a-service created by Switzerland’s leading information and telecommunications company. Swisscom chose ClusterHQ for managing its customers’ critical databases because only Flocker specifically addresses the problems associated with running a containerized stateful service in production. The Swisscom Application Cloud, a public PaaS based on Cloud Foundry, is leveraging Docker and Flocker, which allows customers to easily provision and manage containerized services, including their databases, in production from a single, secure platform.
  • Rapidly growing partner ecosystem: Several leading enterprise storage providers have built drivers for Flocker that enable customers to use containers for their entire application, even critical databases, including EMC, VMware, NetApp, Huawei, Hedvig, Nexenta, ConvergeIO and Saratoga Speed. As a result of this growing ecosystem, customers can use Flocker with their hardware-based or software-defined storage solution of choice in the public cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments to create portable container-level storage for Docker.
  • Important Docker community contributor: ClusterHQ was among the first contributors of the Docker plugins project, announced at DockerCon U.S. 2015. The Flocker plugin for Docker gives developers the freedom to run stateful containers like databases in production natively from within Docker, delivering a seamless user experience. With the latest release of Docker 1.8, volume plugins are now an official part of the Docker Engine, supporting the integration of all ClusterHQ partners’ storage backends.
  • Industry thought leadership: In a first-of-its-kind survey and research report conducted with, ClusterHQ provided the industry with an initial look at the state of containers in the enterprise. The research uncovered primary barriers to adoption of containers in production and other insights into the pervasiveness of container technology in organizations of all sizes. This original research also showed that data management capabilities are essential to the success of container strategies and that the vast majority of organizations want to run databases and other stateful services in containers.

“As the container industry continues to expand, ClusterHQ’s passion and commitment to developing solutions that support microservice-based applications is unwavering,” said Mark Davis, CEO of ClusterHQ. “We believe that providing persistence and portability of data for stateful applications is vital for enterprises that want to deploy containers in production environments and we are thrilled to be helping build technologies that will influence the IT landscape of the future.”

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ClusterHQ builds container data management software that enables broader adoption of container technology in production environments. DevOps teams worldwide rely on ClusterHQ’s open source Flocker software to meet the data portability requirements of distributed, microservices-based applications. Available for download at, Flocker enables containers and their associated data volumes to be easily moved between servers as a single unit, a prerequisite for production operation of stateful application components in containers. Flocker facilitates widespread production deployment of containers for databases, queues and key value stores by making it simple and practical for entire distributed applications to be consolidated into an all-container development and operations environment. No matter where, or what, a container is running, Flocker gives DevOps teams operational freedom to quickly react to market conditions by relocating application containers in response to changing conditions, so that their business can innovate faster and be more responsive. Flocker increases the value of an organization’s container investment and opens the door for a greater variety of mainstream enterprise use cases. Organizations can now embrace the portability and massive per-server density benefits of containers for stateful application services, enabling the creation of a new generation of microservices-based applications, and in some cases the replacement of virtual machines with containers. ClusterHQ provides the tools and services necessary for deploying and managing fully containerized stateful applications, simplifying IT processes and delivering on the advantages inherent in containers. We are the Container Data People™.