CallidusCloud Makes Customer Feedback a Great Experience on All Devices

Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CALD), a global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning and customer experience solutions, announced today the latest release of Clicktools featuring groundbreaking customer feedback technology that enables survey content to adapt to the recipient’s device. This allows a single survey to work at its best on any device, and eliminates the need to create multiple surveys for different technology platforms, boosting response rates and reducing the costs of survey development.

Today’s customer feedback software must accommodate a variety of devices in order to engage recipients and keep response rates high. With significant differences between mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, some survey question types work well on desktops but not on mobile devices. The device a respondent uses changes his or her propensity to give different types of feedback, which in turn calls for the creation of device-specific question sets.

The latest release of Clicktools attacks these challenges with a solution that’s easy to use but has the power to analyze preferred customer channels and deliver an optimal experience with the same survey questions, allowing surveys to be written once and taken anywhere, on any device.

“Rather than following a ‘mobile first’ method, we developed a strategy we call ‘device first,'” said Rory Cameron, executive vice president, corporate development, learning and marketing platforms at CallidusCloud. “Companies need to provide rich branding, experience design, and functionality across all devices to deliver optimal customer experience. With this new innovation we continue to offer the richest solution on the market for companies trying to understand their customers and take action to improve experiences.”

This release of Clicktools also includes improved data presentation features, enhancements to the solution’s ability to deliver surveys via text and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and a new interface.

Clicktools enables organizations to improve customer experience by collecting, centralizing, and acting on customer feedback. The solution offers enterprise-class features, including dozens of question types, seamless CRM integration, dynamic text and questions, multi-language, mobile-friendly surveys, reporting, data integrity management, and text analysis — all designed to help companies improve customer experience, drive organizational improvement, and foster greater customer loyalty and advocacy.

The new release is available today. For more information visit

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