B&H Photo Video Welcomes the 360Heros Brand of Virtual Reality Gear for GoPro

B&H Photo is excited to announce the addition of the 360Heros brand to its product catalog, giving customers access to virtual reality accessories and software built specifically for use with GoPro cameras. At the heart of 360Heros is a range of especially-designed “Plug-n-Play” mounting systems that bind together anywhere from six to 14 GoPro HERO4, HERO3+, or HERO3 cameras. Taking advantage of the GoPro’s ultra-wide lens, the mounting systems capture an image from every direction, with a combined resolution of up to 12,000 x 6,000 for a 10-camera system. Various configurations are available, with options that let you capture full 360-degree spherical video and even stereoscopic 3D video.

The resulting footage captured from each GoPro is combined using separately-available stitching software. To make things easy, 360Heros offers its own 360CamMan V2 video stitching and virtual reality management software. With support for multiple card readers, the software automates the ingest and aggregation of images, potentially saving you hours in post. It can then export to 3D formats optimized for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and other VR systems. It can also create panoramic still photos, or supply sync data for further editing in Adobe Premiere. Footage can also be uploaded to places like YouTube, videos.360heros.com, and VRideo.

360Heros 360CamMan V2 Product Highlights:


Product Highlights

  • Virtual Reality File Management Software
  • Manage Large Numbers of Cameras & Files
  • Prep Files
  • Drag-and-Drop into Stitching Software
  • Convert Hours of File Mgmt. into Minutes
  • Supports Multi-Port USB Readers
  • microSD Formatting; Simultaneous Ingest
  • Video Analyzer; Panoramic Photo Mgmt.
  • 3D Side-by-Side File Creation & More
  • Mac and PC Compatible

For underwater users, there is the 360Abyss, a waterproof six-camera rig ideal for scuba divers. There is also the 360H6, which allows you to cluster six GoPros in their housing, ideal for fast action and aquatic activities where your GoPro cameras need additional protection.

The 360Heros Pro6 360° Plug-n-Play Holder is a professional tool for filming 360° virtual reality content with six GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, or HERO4 cameras. Positioning the cameras in a spherical orientation, the Pro6 holder allows you to capture high-resolution 3D content (up to 7500 x 3750) that can be viewed on the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and other virtual reality headsets as well as uploaded to YouTube, the 360Heros website, and other web-based 360° video hosting sites.

360Heros Pro6 360° Plug-n-Play Holder for GoPro with Mount/Stand Key Features:

  • Mounts 6 GoPros in Spherical Orientation
  • For GoPro HERO4, HERO3+, & HERO3 Cameras
  • Capture 360° Virtual Reality Video
  • Output Resolutions up to 7500 x 3750
  • Content Viewable on VR Headsets
  • Compatible with Drones and UAVs
  • 3/8″-16 Mounting Threads
  • Flexible Nylon Construction
  • Aluminum 3/8″-16 Mount/Stand Included

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