New 5 Mb RedLink Receivers Extend Temperature Range for Industrial Applications

Firecomms, a global leader in the provision of fiber optic solutions and optical transceivers, announces the release of a range of 5 Mb RedLink® fiber optic receivers with an extended temperature operating range of up to 95°C for the industrial command, control and communications markets. The company will debut the new receivers on its stand (#651) at the SPS IPC Drives Electric Automation Systems and Components International Exibition and Conference in Nuremberg, Germany on 24-26 November 2015.

The new receivers have been specifically designed to be compatible with the ever increasing component operating temperatures of 21st century IGBT driver and control modules. The Firecomms receivers, model numbers FM05MHIR and FM05MVIR, extend the operating range of plastic optic fiber receivers up to +95°C enabling the optical component to remain part of the next-generation IGBT technology backbone.

“Customer feedback, like extending our temperature range, constantly informs and directs our product roadmap,” says Michael O’Gorman, Vice President of Marketing at Firecomms. “This new product represents the first step in a comprehensive NPI road map which will ensure Firecomms customers have optical solutions compatible with the demands of next-generation drives.”

CTO John Lambkin adds, “Our customers’ products operate in the harshest of environments and are regularly exposed to temperature extremes. For example, a locomotive sitting in the searing heat of the desert will experience internal ambient temperature at the top end of the standard industrial range of -40°C to 85°C. Simply put, we are now challenged to meet a component specification beyond the traditional industry norms.”

Firecomms’ RedLink devices are in use by some of the world’s largest industrial conglomerates in applications such as electric trains, high voltage grid stations, and wind and solar energy converters. Firecomms utilizes in-house designed photonics, and transmitter and receiver ICs together with a world class internal production facility to guarantee the quality of its supply chain. Its vertical integration around the core technologies used in fibre optic transceivers enables Firecomms to respond flexibly to customer demands while maintaining tight control of major cost drivers.

About Firecomms Ltd.

Firecomms, a global leader in the provision of fiber optic solutions and optical transceivers, skillfully combines state-of-the-art compound and silicon semiconductor technology with inventive small-scale integration to develop products that drive communications networks in power and energy, industrial, transportation, medical and consumer markets.

A global multinational company, Firecomms is jointly headquartered in Cork, Ireland and Tongxiang, China with additional facilities in the USA, Japan and Southeast Asia. To learn more about how Firecomms can help your business, please visit