iPerceptions Reports Strong Double-Digit Growth for 3rd Consecutive Year

iPerceptions, a leading digital Customer Experience Management company, today announced it is on target to achieve a third consecutive year of strong double-digit growth of Contracted Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR) since the launch of its SaaS platform. The company also experienced significant client growth with the likes of Adobe, Ticketmaster, Brooks Sports and many other high-profile retail, government and automotive clients leveraging its platform. This growth was fueled by iPerceptions ability to provide marketers with more insights, greater flexibility and the ability to extend the value of market research from reporting to personalizing the experience in real-time.

“Our substantial growth and trajectory reflects iPerceptions leadership and innovation in the Customer Experience Management space and its ability to help companies understand how their digital properties can exceed customer’s expectations,” said Audry Larocque, President and CEO of iPerceptions. “Today’s large-scale global organizations are looking for a best-in-class customer experience analytics solutions that not only measure and monitor visitor intentions and needs but also recognize them in-real time to personalize their experience.”

Surge in demand for iPerceptions Solutions and Expertize

  • iPerceptions is consistently the solution-of-choice for fortune 500 brands with a 94% year-over-year (YoY) retention rate and expects a 30% increase in new enterprise clients by the end of the year.
  • Since the launch of its Experience Optimization Solution that leverages iPerceptions Active Recognition Technology in June this year, iPerceptions has already onboarded 6 new clients.
  • In the last 12 months, iPerceptions has monitored over 12 billion visitor sessions and engaged with over one billion website visitors for feedback in more than 35 different languages.
  • iPerceptions has the industry’s largest comparative experience and intent benchmark with over 100 million standardized data points.
  • According to Datanyze, iPerceptions is one of the most deployed customer experience analytics solutions in the world with over 9,000 websites leveraging iPerceptions SaaS Platform to collect a representative view of visitor intent, needs and expectations to better understand the customer experience and gauge visitor satisfaction.
  • iPerceptions is on target to achieve a 2.1 times growth in Contracted Monthly Recurring Revenue since the launch of its SaaS platform in March 2013.

An Innovation Powerhouse

Some of this year’s accolades and innovations include:

  • Winning the prestigious OCTAS Innovation Award for its Active Recognition Technology (ART) which is a patent pending technology that revolutionizes how companies monetize their web traffic.
  • Receiving top honors at the Digiday Signal Awards for Active Recognition for Retargeting which empowers advertisers to create highly relevant campaigns that align the right messages and bidding strategies to the right audiences.
  • Launching iPerceptions Universal Code which empowers marketers to conduct Voice of Customer research with greater speed and agility with almost no reliance on IT resources.
  • Launching iPerceptions Experience Optimization Solution, the first website optimization solution that helps brands improve the customer experience by collecting feedback from visitors who are recognized to have strong opinions.
  • Launching new Active Recognition models that for the first time allow marketers to accurately target visitors based on purchase horizon, satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.

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About iPerceptions

iPerceptions is a leading digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) company that extends the value of Voice of the Customer Analytics beyond measuring the past, to recognizing visitors’ intentions in real-time for personalized experiences. The company’s solutions are powered by the iPerceptions SaaS Platform, which captures visitors’ intent, needs, and experiences in the moment of truth using advanced engagement technologies. iPerceptions is revolutionizing market research with Active Recognition which recognizes the intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time to provide personalized experiences. With over 1 billion voice of customer data points collected every year across 1,200 brands and in 35 languages in over 80 countries, iPerceptions is the trusted research solution of customer centric organizations. www.iperceptions.com.