BIZX Subsidiary SourceForge Media, LLC Acquires Slashdot Media

SourceForge Media, LLC, a subsidiary of BIZX, LLC (BIZX), one of the fastest growing privately held web media companies in the United States, announced today the closing of the acquisition of Slashdot Media and its properties and from DHI Group, Inc.

“The acquisition of Slashdot Media, the global leaders in professional technology communities, through our subsidiary SourceForge Media, augments our growing portfolio of information technology sites. This acquisition is a continuation of our efforts to position ourselves as the leading provider of technology news and communities, open source software developer and distribution tools, and consumer and business buying guides available on the web,” explains Roger Sheppard, President of BIZX, LLC.

“I am excited to be leading future strategy for two of the most iconic technology sites on the web. With a combined monthly average of over 30 million unique visitors and 150 million downloads, and are leaders in their fields,” explains Logan Abbott, President of SourceForge Media, LLC. “We will improve and accelerate development of useful open source software developer tools on SourceForge in addition to rekindling the original spirit of open source that made SourceForge great. We plan to keep Slashdot positioned as the best technology-centric news and discussion site on the web.”

About BIZX and SourceForge Media, LLC

BIZX has built and acquired hundreds of consumer and business focused websites ranging in subject matter from travel to telecommunications and from business advice to VoIP products and services. The company also owns and operates a number of successful and highly ranked business and consumer products and services web sites that together generate millions of highly targeted visitors every month. These sites include and, the leading comparison sites on the web for smartphones, cell phone plans, television, broadband Internet, insurance, and more, as well as and, which are authority VoIP, telecom, and Asterisk information and comparison sites for both businesses and consumers.

About Slashdot Media

Slashdot Media is a global leader in professional technology communities reaching millions of IT professionals, developers and enthusiasts around the world. Its properties — Slashdot and SourceForge — provide tools, software and forums where IT professionals & developers from the world’s largest companies to small and medium-sized firms collaborate and discuss technology news and products with their peers. Recognized as the largest and most trusted destination for Open Source Software discovery, development and distribution on the web, IT professionals & developers rely on SourceForge to develop, review, and publish open source software for further community collaboration and end user download. Slashdot (/.) is a vibrant online community that features technology-centric news and discussion and has been pioneering user-generated content, industry-expert dialogue and social media since 1997. Slashdot is “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.”