Alternet Systems Launches Data Analytics Division to Build Upon Its Existing Revenue Base

Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: ALYI) today announced the launch of its Data Analytics Division expanding the Company’s portfolio of existing digital commerce technologies.

Henryk Dabrowski, CEO of Alternet Systems, stated, “Alternet has a successful history of developing and commercializing young digital commerce technologies. We are now building upon that history to develop and commercialize an expanded portfolio of new key technologies into the burgeoning big data analytics sector. We quietly started the expansion last year after the successful sale of our mobile wallet solution. We anticipate our new Data Analytics Division to build upon the revenue base we established in 2015 from our digital commerce operations throughout the course of 2016.”

Alternet Systems has a verifiably successful track record in developing and commercializing digital commerce technologies for both the United States and Latin American markets. Building on that track record, the Data Analytics Division is the latest addition to an expanding portfolio of digital commerce technologies.

Alternet will be filing its annual report with audited financial statements in regards to the base of revenue referenced in Mr. Dabrowski’s statement.

Data Analytics Division Highlights
Alternet’s Analytics-as-a-Service solutions, enables companies to better understand consumer trends and improve their marketing initiatives. Within the United States, Colombia, and Peru Alternet is currently deploying a cloud-based solution providing Microsegmentation and Predictive Analytics, including Visualization tools and Marketing Automation.

These comprehensive cloud-based solutions provide:

  • Audience monetization providing audience insight quickly translatable into market opportunities and automated sales and marketing responses. The cloud-based solution provides, Audience Discovery & Management, Contextual Recommendations, B2C Engagement, Business/Buyer B2B Engagement and Role Based Loyalty features.
  • Channel Optimization through micro segmentation analysis, Alternet’s tools provide opportunities for store, web and mobile locations business expansion. Expands the organization Channel Discovery Management, allowing for Product and Content optimization and Channel Optimized Solutions.
  • Connected Experience allowing devices to enable purchasing, Connected Device Orchestration and a Omnichannel Management solution.

The results for Alternet’s clients are the immediate discovery of new segments and orchestrating activities across multiple functional areas including:

  • Opportunity Discovery
  • Opportunity Program Management (KPI-specific)
  • Product Cost / Supply Optimization
  • Product Requirements
  • Targeting Optimization
  • Advertising and Promotion Optimization
  • Loyalty Incentives and Triggers
  • Web and E-marketing Personalization
  • Connected Consumer Experiences

The Data Analytics industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors. A recent IDC forecast shows that the “Big Data technology and services market will grow at a 26.4% compound annual growth rate to $41.5 billion through 2018, or about six times the growth rate of the overall information technology market.” Big data, estimated in 2015 to total $125 billion in market value, is quickly becoming the true measure of value promising better targeting and decision making.

About Alternet Systems, Inc.

Alternet Systems, Inc. is developing and commercializing a growing portfolio of digital commerce technologies. With the world becoming increasingly dependent on technological conveniences and advances, Alternet is investing in verticals within the digital commerce space, transforming the legacy electronic payments infrastructure and developing advanced predictive data analytics applications for the mass consumer as well as the telecommunications and financial industries. With strategic investments in these three key, high-growth markets, Alternet is accelerating the future of money and its role in the global demand for these services. The company is guided by a team of executives specializing in entrepreneurial endeavors, innovation, corporate strategy, financial and executive management of multi-national organizations, and a vast network of industry resources.