C3 IoT Releases Full-Stack IoT Development Platform

C3 IoT™ (formerly known as C3 Energy), has extended its proven enterprise IoT application development platform to serve additional industries where big data analytics and machine learning are rapidly emerging as a means of strategic competitive advantage.

The C3 IoT Platform accelerates an organization’s time to value by providing a complete enterprise-scale platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that enables the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of next-generation software applications that unlock data-driven insights and transform business processes. C3 IoT offers trial programs for its platform and applications that give companies a fast, cost-effective way to complete production pilots in as little as one month, demonstrating the economic value to be gained from full production deployment.

The C3 IoT Platform enables organizations to leverage all available data — including telemetry from sensors and devices, data from diverse enterprise information systems, and external sources (such as social media, weather, traffic, and commodity prices) — and employ advanced analytics and machine learning at scale, in real time, to capture business insights for improved operations, enhanced customer engagement, and differentiated products and services.

C3 IoT Platform

The C3 IoT Platform enables IT teams, application developers, and data scientists to develop, deploy, manage, and maintain a broad portfolio of IoT applications. C3 IoT provides access to real-time stream processing, contextualized data analysis, batch data analysis, and fast iterative data processing to support machine learning data exploration and execution, all within a unified compute framework and consistent programmatic construct. With C3 IoT advanced machine learning tools, companies can identify the business implications of changes to data in real time and continuously refine predictions and optimizations based on feedback from business operations.

Optimized for the cloud, with no hardware to provision or software to install and maintain, the C3 IoT PaaS platform allows companies to focus on the mission-critical tasks of developing applications, performing data science, and integrating with business processes.

“C3 IoT plays an important role at the forefront of enabling some of the world’s largest enterprises, across all verticals, to realize the immediate business benefits of elastic cloud computing in ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President Worldwide Commercial Sales, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “C3 IoT’s work ensures their customers can focus their valuable resources on delivering innovative IoT solutions to their end users, instead of managing the heavy lifting of the underlying IT infrastructure platform needed to support it.”

The C3 IoT Platform provides an elastic cloud, distributed computing architecture capable of handling peta-scale data sets growing by hundreds of terabytes per day, bursting at millions of messages per second. With 70 million meters and sensors under management at more than 20 enterprise-scale production deployments worldwide, the C3 IoT Platform has achieved unprecedented performance results, processing petabyte data volumes at speeds of 35 million sensor reads per minute, with 3,000 real-time analytics generating 12 million business insights per day at 97 percent accuracy rates.

“It is clear that the power and capability of the C3 IoT platform is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest-scale cyber physical systems in commercial and government applications. C3 IoT is a technological tour de force,” said S. Shankar Sastry, Dean, College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.

C3 IoT Cross-Industry Applications

C3 IoT also provides a suite of pre-built, cross-industry applications, developed on its platform, that facilitate IoT business transformation for organizations in energy, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, retail, insurance, healthcare, financial services, and the public sector. C3 IoT cross-industry applications are highly customizable and extensible. Organizations can utilize their preferred data visualization tools and embed their own analytic logic, machine learning algorithms, and business process capabilities to meet specific organizational needs.

The C3 IoT application portfolio includes:

  • C3 Predictive Maintenance, a comprehensive set of diagnostic and planning tools to predict equipment and system failures before they occur in order to optimize maintenance activities and increase equipment uptime.
  • C3 Sensor Health, for ensuring the operational effectiveness of sensors during their deployment and throughout operation, reducing operational cost, safeguarding revenues, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • C3 Energy Management, enabling commercial, industrial, and government organizations to better understand and reduce their energy use, explore the drivers for energy performance, identify and evaluate energy conservation measures, and monitor and measure energy savings results over time.
  • C3 Fraud Detection, providing the ability to identify sources of fraud and recommend steps to prevent loss and recoup revenue.
  • C3 CRM, to surface relevant insights about customer interactions and behaviors to improve engagement strategies, inform product and service offerings, and identify sales opportunities.
  • C3 Supply Networks, to predict product delivery delays and provide alerts on system-level issues across global supplier and customer networks.

“C3 IoT has assembled an unusually experienced and successful management, engineering, and data science team who have dedicated seven years to tackling the IoT market. With the exception of C3 IoT, I am unaware of any cloud-based IoT enterprise application development platform available in the market with proven scalability supporting tens of millions of devices,” said Rick Sherlund, Chairman, Software Investment Banking, Barclays.

Product Availability and Trial Offers

The C3 IoT Platform and applications are available for immediate customer use. C3 IoT product trials provide a fast, cost-effective way for organizations to rapidly deploy working production pilots in as little as 4 to 16 weeks and demonstrate the economic value to be gained from full production deployment.

During a trial period, C3 IoT provides training and resources to assist with data mapping, data loading, data science, algorithm development and translating existing predictive algorithms to the platform as needed. C3 IoT provisions, operates, manages, and maintains the required compute infrastructure and software, and provides a business value assessment to help companies understand the resultant economic benefits.

At the conclusion of a C3 IoT trial, companies have production-ready IoT applications. The work performed for the pilot, including data mappings, analytic feature development, machine learning classifier tuning, and application development, is fully reusable and accelerates a broader deployment of C3 IoT applications across the company’s operations.

“We’re seeing tremendous interest from corporate executives who are rethinking business processes in light of smart, connected products and the availability of big data analytics,” said Ed Abbo, President and CTO, C3 IoT. “C3 IoT removes the technology hurdles, enabling the rapid design and deployment of enterprise-grade IoT applications such that business leaders can focus on process transformation and change management.”

About C3 IoT

C3 IoT provides a full-stack IoT development platform (PaaS) that enables the rapid design, development, and deployment of even the largest-scale enterprise applications that leverage big data, telemetry, elastic cloud computing, analytics, machine learning, and social human computer interaction models. C3 IoT also provides a family of turn-key SaaS IoT applications including predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply chain optimization, investment planning, and customer engagement. More information is at http://C3IoT.com.