Officescape® Introduces Associate Tenant Program

Officescape has introduced its newest program offering, the Associate Tenant program, which allows building owners, office park managers and real estate management companies to be more flexible in accommodating tenants while saving on tenant improvement costs. In addition, building owners and managers benefit by increasing potential revenue streams and the potential pool of clientele. As an associate tenant, clients enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional, full-time office without actually having full-time office space at a facility. These benefits include use of on-demand office services, technology and communication services.

Developed specifically to fulfill the needs of a building owner or office park manager and the tenants they wish to serve, Officescape’s Associate Tenant program is a unique, turn-key solution. Instead of simply offering office space, building owners and managers can now choose to offer a complete package of services including unified communications , broadband , online fax , personalized phone answering and a full suite of conferencing solutions . The package of services is offered on a single, web-based platform for ease of use, management and reporting. No other service provider offers a comprehensive program, such as this, that can be used to differentiate buildings from the competition and as a tenant recruitment tool.

During difficult economic times, Officescape’s Associate Tenant program allows building owners and office park managers to extend their potential tenant pool. Many business who may not have qualified for full-time office space due to size, cost constraints or insufficient credit may be approved for this program, with less risk involved. In addition, many businesses are now choosing to allow employees to work remotely or are consolidating their office space. The Associate Tenant program allows building owners and managers to take advantage of this trend and continue to serve their current tenants’ needs even prior to move-in, during a lengthy build-out process or if tenants no longer desire full-time office space.

Officescape® is the leading Office Service Provider utilizing advanced technology to fulfill office needs as a service. It has established the industry benchmark with its innovative Office on Demand , Virtual Office and Telework services. Officescape offers the next-generation of office services today, by combining virtual office flexibility with physical office functionality. Officescape is also the leader in providing Office as a Platform to allow companies of all sizes to conduct business anytime and anywhere with great cost savings. Based in Indianapolis, Officescape is expanding its services worldwide. For more information about the company’s full line of services, visit