FatPipe, Inc. Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Viptela Inc

FatPipe, Inc., the pioneer in software defined networks for wide area connectivity and hybrid WANs, announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Viptela Inc in United States District Court of Delaware. The lawsuit concerns two patents regarding tools and techniques for directing packets over disparate networks (US Patent Nos. 6,775,235 and 7,406,048).

FatPipe’s ‘235 and ‘048 patents allow for failover and load balancing of session flows between two or more different wide area network connections. This path selection ability is one primary reason customers look to an SD-WAN solution.

These patents were issued in 2004 and 2008 respectively and pre-date Viptela’s entry into the hybrid WAN market.

“FatPipe has invested substantial sums to develop its intellectual property rights, and it has and will continue to take prudent steps to protect is patents, as evidenced by its assertion of patent rights against Viptela,” said Dr. Ragula Bhaskar, Chairman and CEO of FatPipe, Inc. “Companies entering this space must recognize and respect FatPipe’s patents and be mindful of potentially infringing on FatPipe’s well established intellectual property.”

The concept of SD-WAN was invented by Sanchaita Datta and Dr. Ragula Bhaskar, the co-founders of FatPipe. FatPipe has eleven seminal patents with technological claims covering various aspects of multi-line software define WAN-path selection connecting multiple paths between two or more networks. A partial list of FatPipe’s SD-WAN patents are listed at www.fatpipeinc.com/patents. To protect its patents, FatPipe has engaged Perkins Coie, one of the top ranked law firms in the country for Patent law and litigation to protect its patents. Perkins Coie was named Patent “Law Firm of the Year” for two consecutive years (2013, 2014) by U.S. News – Best Lawyers®.


FatPipe® Networks invented the concept of software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and hybrid WANs that eliminate the need for hardware and software, or cooperation from ISPs and allows companies to control WAN traffic. FatPipe currently has 11 U.S. patents and over 180 technology claims related to multipath, software defined networking. FatPipe technology provides the world’s best intra-corporate wide area network solutions that transcend Internet and other network failures to maintain business continuity and high transmission security. FatPipe, with several thousand customers, has offices in the United States, and around the world, with over 700 resellers worldwide including almost all national resellers in the US.