Protegrity Secures Sales Compensation Data in Xactly Connect

Protegrity announced it protects sensitive sales compensation data enabled by the new Xactly Connect web services solution. Developed to help clients extend additional enterprise data security to the Xactly Incent cloud-based incentive compensation solution, the Protegrity Cloud Gateway for Xactly is being used to secure data ingested by and extracted from disparate IT resources now linked by Xactly Connect.

Xactly is giving their customers full end-to-end control over their sales compensation data with the new Xactly Connect solution. “Protegrity is protecting that sensitive data no matter where it resides or is being used,” said Protegrity CEO Suni Munshani. “The Protegrity Cloud Gateway removes barriers for customers who otherwise wouldn’t consider implementing SaaS solutions due to their unique needs around data security and privacy by bringing an added layer of data protection and control to clients who require it.”

The Protegrity Cloud Gateway protects sensitive data before it gets to the cloud, giving organizations the ability to rapidly adopt solutions like Xactly Incent by extending to the cloud the same trusted technology and unique policies used to protect their core on premise systems. Data can be encrypted or tokenized using a no-code, configurable interface without impacting business processes or sacrificing the functionality and features of the Xactly solution.

About Protegrity: Proven Experts in Data Security

Protegrity is the only enterprise data security software platform that leverages scalable, data-centric encryption, tokenization and masking to help businesses secure sensitive information while maintaining data usability. Built for complex, heterogeneous business environments, the Protegrity Data Security Platform provides unprecedented levels of data security certified across applications, data warehouses, mainframes, big data, and cloud environments. Companies trust Protegrity to help them manage risk, achieve compliance, enable business analytics, and confidently adopt new platforms. For additional information visit