Brand Networks Expands Advertising Automation to All Major Social Channels

Brand Networks, the award-winning provider of software and services that simplify social™, today announced the expansion of its Optimize Now™ advertising automation technology, extending its capabilities beyond Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Media buyers using Optimize Now can more than double advertising performance in half the time it would take without it.

Optimize Now, part of the Brand Networks Platform, is a proprietary campaign management algorithm that automatically optimizes ads to improve campaign performance with fewer manual updates. The Optimize Now algorithm makes bid adjustments on the fly, shifting settings and budgets based on near real-time performance analysis, saving significant time and money. Brand Networks Platform users can launch these auto-optimized campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter immediately, with support for Pinterest and LinkedIn expected later this year.

After adopting Optimize Now, Brand Networks’ customers have reported impressive campaign results and significant time and cost savings, such as:

  • 30-40X more ad engagement
  • 40-50X more website clicks
  • 50-80% lower cost-per impression
  • 50-75% less time spent manually managing campaigns

“Despite advances brought on by programmatic media delivery, the processes of media optimization have remained overwhelmingly manual,” said Jamie Tedford, founder and CEO of Brand Networks. “The work of optimizing a campaign never sleeps, and neither do many dedicated media buyers. By applying several years of past media buying data, Optimize Now’s advanced algorithm automates the processes that deliver the most efficient optimization of ads against specific objectives. The result? Happy media buyers. Happier clients.”

Checking ads constantly to ensure they’re being delivered, spending on pace, and performing as desired is time consuming and costly. In these scenarios, Optimize Now is the perfect solution, offering optimization toward multiple objectives and ad types. With Optimize Now, advertisers on the Brand Networks Platform can rest easy knowing algorithms will be doing that repetitive analytical work for them automatically, day and night, freeing up the time of media buyers, and allowing them to focus on other high-impact activities.

“Using Brand Networks’ Optimize Now product across channels has given us better efficiency and performance across our social campaigns,” said Jen Young, Senior Manager of Content & Social at Domain Group. “We began using the technology on Facebook, and it helped us reach a larger audience while reducing costs dramatically. We’ve seen 30X more engagement and 46X more link clicks, with 70% lower cost on both.

“We’re now using Optimize Now on Twitter and scaling our ad spend as we witness better returns there as well,” added Ms. Young. “In our first month, we grew our advertising spend by 74% while reducing our cost per link click by up to 58%. Optimize Now has given us the ability to scale our social campaigns to deliver better ROI.”

“In our first month of Twitter advertising with Optimize Now, our cost per follower dropped by up to 65%. That was exciting but we see even more potential here,” said Rebecca Newton, Head of Digital at Australia-based Crown Resorts. “Optimize Now allows our account team at Brand Networks to focus on big-picture performance improvement. It lets them spend more time planning and strategizing, and less time making minor adjustments after our ads launch. We believe this will translate to more performance gains and an even deeper partnership.”

“The automation technology available through the Brand Networks Platform is giving Twitter advertisers an opportunity to meet their objectives by improving campaign performance and efficiency,” said Isaac Irvin, Account Executive at Twitter Australia.

About Brand Networks
Brand Networks Simplifies Social™. The company delivers award-winning social media advertising software and services to hundreds of enterprise customers, including half of the Fortune 100 and 17 of AdAge’s 25 Most Advertised Brands. The Brand Networks Platform uses personalization data and powerful automation technologies to help marketers optimize their media investments across the social web. Media buyers can reduce campaign management time by 75% while increasing their return on advertising spend across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Brand Networks was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Boston with offices in San Francisco, New York City, Rochester, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Sydney, and Mexico City. For more information, please visit