Real Time Cases Gives College Students Access to Current Business Problems and Insight Into Real Business Challenges

Real Time Cases (RTC), is changing the way students learn about the professional work environment by developing experiential learning activities with leading business executives. Rather than learning from hypothetical situations or decades-old case studies, students learn from today’s industry leaders, who share their real business challenges. RTC has been invited to exhibit at the Collision Conference in New Orleans (ALPHA stand number C-155, Thursday, April 28) and offers a multimedia learning platform with over 125 case prompts designed to help business students across the country develop the skills necessary to succeed in real-world business situations before they graduate from college.

“We surveyed undergraduate and graduate business students from more than 30 top colleges and universities to find out more about what they want from this type of application-based learning,” said Jacob Schaufeld, co-founder and CEO of RTC. “Ninety-one percent of them said they prefer our video case studies, which feature current issues from real companies, to traditional case studies, which often are hypothetical or outdated challenges.”

RTC is a leader in bringing today’s business challenges into the classroom, and, according to Schaufeld, is currently accepting new companies into their case library. Here is some of what they heard from survey respondents:

“[RTC] gives a better feel for what’s going on in the business world and connects it to what we are learning in the classroom.” — student response, Class of 2019

“I liked that the case came directly from the founder of the company, which made me feel like I was gaining a unique insight that I wouldn’t have gotten from an ordinary case study.” — student response, Class of 2016

“With Real Time Cases, I am not just wasting my time. My opinion actually matters, and I’m not only doing it for the grade. I am actually helping a company and gaining real-world experience and training.” — student response, Class of 2016

“[RTC] offers recent, relevant cases without the ‘Google the right answer’ option. Unsolved cases are better and require more creativity.” — student response, Class of 2016

Industry leaders also are pushing for practice-driven business education. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, business graduates must be fluent in the “practice of theory in a less-than-ideal context,” which means “bringing more practitioners into the classroom as professors or guests, and doubling down on events like innovation challenges or business-plan competitions, among other initiatives.”

“RTC does that for today’s business students by offering access to the issues of current business leaders,” Schaufeld explained, referring to the WSJ article. “Students and instructors benefit from these experiences without taking on the costs or annoyances of physically bringing an executive into their classrooms.”

About Real Time Cases

Real Times Cases is an education technology (edtech) publishing company that empowers professors of undergraduate and graduate-level classes with the tools to stimulate young minds. Based in the Washington, D.C. area, RTC is a multimedia platform that aims to bridge the gap between the professional work environment and higher education through experiential learning.

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