Datakey Electronics Releases the SR4410 Family of Immersion-Rated Receptacles

Datakey Electronics, Inc., the leading manufacturer of rugged, re-programmable, portable memory products, has expanded its line of SlimLine™ Token Receptacles with the release of the SR4410 family of IP-Rated Receptacles. The SR4410 Series provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with additional mounting options, allowing them to integrate Datakey Electronics’ award-winning data carriers into more applications operating in harsh environments.

The SR4410 Behind-Mount Receptacles are available in splash-proof ( IP-65 ), immersion-rated (IP-67 ) and immersion-rated ( IP-67 ) with reduced EMI versions. The SR4410 line meets the growing need of OEMs to have a reliable, long-term available , and proven portable memory system that offers protection in wash-down or outdoor applications where the receptacle may be exposed to dust, water, chemicals, and more.

The SR4410 Series is a natural extension to the SlimLine™ family of Token Receptacles offered by Datakey Electronics for more than 15-years. The SR4410 leverages all of the SlimLine™ family’s field-proven aspects, including a 50,000 cycle rating, while adding environmental ratings that include MIL-Spec vibration, shock, salt-fog, and more. Because the SR4410 leverages these proven capabilities, designers who adopt the SR4410 for its unique characteristics can do so without taking unnecessary technical risks.

The SR4410 features a tough outer “shell” that prevents dust and water from entering the OEM’s electronics enclosure through the receptacle opening. This industry-leading design gives the added option of providing the outer shell in a highly-conductive plastic which reduces electromagnetic emissions.

The SR4410 Receptacles are behind-mount devices that combine a gasket for sealing with a built-in mechanism for over-tighten protection. These Receptacles also include a detent mechanism that both increases Token retention and gives users tactile confirmation when an inserted Token is physically engaged. Additional features include a Last-On/First-Off (LOFO) contact for Token detection and a self “wiping” action that cleans the contacts with each Token insertion and removal.

The SR4410 adds a new mounting capability in addition to the previously-released SR4310 Series of front-mount Immersion-Rated Receptacles. The SR4310 has already been implemented into medical, military, and industrial applications. These Receptacles are compatible with Datakey Electronics’ entire range of proven SlimLine™ Tokens and award-winning Managed-Memory® Tokens, offering four industry-standard serial interface protocols and memory capacities ranging from 1Kbit to 1GByte.

Datakey Electronics has also begun production of a new Dust Plug that is compatible with the SR4410 as well as all other SlimLine™ Token Receptacle Systems (SR4210, SR4220, SR4230, and SR4310). When these Receptacles are used in harsh environments, the Dust Plug provides added protection against debris entry when a Token is not inserted in the Receptacle. The Dust Plug, however, is not required to maintain the IP-rating of the Receptacles.

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