Intransa Video Retention Certification Expands to Include 150 Vendors

Intransa , the leader in video data management and retention for physical security, announced that its StorAlliance Technology Certification program has continued to expand with additional physical security vendors now participating.

The popular and fast growing technology alliance eliminates compatibility guess-work for security practitioners, dealers, integrators and consultants by providing them with complete, risk-free IP-based solutions, including video retention and management, with proven, tested security applications from leading and up-and-coming vendors.

StorAlliance members have experienced the cost savings, reliability and enhancements that Intransa video surveillance-optimized solutions bring for existing surveillance systems with one or more DVRs or for new, all-IP solutions. Most StorAlliance members have already deployed at least one, and often many, solutions integrated with Intransa. Certification benefits explain the rapidly growing market acceptance for Intransa solutions and the increased number of police departments, casinos and hotels, airports, movie studios, retailers, hospitals, public utilities, Native American institutions, correctional facilities, auto dealers, digital entertainment distributors, telecommunications providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, financial services companies, universities/colleges, municipalities and county governments that have deployed Intransa solutions, regardless of today’s challenging economic times.

Intransa’s StorAlliance Technology Certification program includes participation from vendors of IP and megapixel cameras, video management systems, physical security information managers, access control, life safety, network intercom, and other security applications. Organizations that complete the program are certified compatible for risk-free integration, and are able to deliver complete IP solutions that leverage Intransa’s Smart CCTV upgrades for existing surveillance systems and all-IP solutions for NVRs, VMS and PSIM systems for new security deployments.

“StorAlliance Certification makes it easier than ever before for physical security practitioners to install security solutions from multiple vendors that have already been tested for compatibility,” said Manqing Liu, senior director, interoperability and performance science, Intransa StorAlliance Labs. “This not only saves a customer and integrator time, but it also saves them money and eliminates potential after-installation headaches. Intransa and our StorAlliance partners are committed to making integration and installation easier and risk-free, and in today’s environment that makes a big difference.”

More than 150 physical security, imaging and technology products have been certified through the Intransa StorAlliance Labs. Products covered include DVRs, NVRs, Open NVRs, VMS, PSIM, IP and megapixel cameras, infrastructure providers, video analytics and physical security utilities, access control, authentication, biometrics, life safety, imaging, networking, platform and other technology solutions. IP-enabled devices and products certified also include IT solutions, network intercom, paging, entertainment, A/V systems, POS and EAS solutions, plus other non-security devices.

An offshoot of the Intransa StorAlliance program, the Intransa Shareable Security Platform (ISSP), is exclusively for security OEMs and enables physical security manufacturers to closely integrate their software with Intransa video data management and retention solutions. First deployed in 2007, and formalized as a program in early 2008, participating OEM manufacturers are able to leverage the power of Intransa retention platforms for a wide variety of applications without need for an external server platform.

New and existing StorAlliance members commenting on the growing success of the program include:

Access Control

“We are pleased that Intransa has joined the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program, and look forward to their contribution,” said Raffaele Ceravolo, director of strategic alliances, Lenel Systems International.

Intransa recently provided a video data management and retention platform for OAAP testing at Lenel’s Pittsford, NY lab facilities.

Video Management Systems & Open NVRs

“Intransa is a true Video Surveillance innovator and has led the way with multi-vendor integration and certification,” said Matt Barnette, vice president of sales and marketing for AMAG Technology, Inc. “Carrying the Security-Grade Video Retention seal is a key indicator for AMAG when choosing partners for integrated opportunities.”

AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System is fully certified with Intransa video data management and retention solutions and is on display at ISC West, booth 14097. Multiple AMAG customers have deployed Symmetry with Intransa retention platforms including airports, pharmaceutical makers, data centers, service providers, movie studios, hospitals and health care providers.

“Intransa is a clear leader in data video management and retention, and a valuable partner in the Milestone eco-system,” said Eric Fullerton, chief sales & marketing officer, Milestone Systems. “Milestone has worked closely with Intransa to provide detailed cross-system information that assures easy installation and better operational information flow.”

A joint Intransa whitepaper is available on both the Milestone and Intransa resource library websites for downloading. Customer projects for electrical utilities, auto dealerships, Las Vegas and Native American casinos, and university campuses are among those recently deploying integrated Intransa/Milestone solutions.

“Intransa’s Security-Grade Video Retention integration and certification seal is an advantage for VIDEOProtein,” said Anthony Pugliese, CEO, VIDEOProtein. “It’s no wonder that Intransa is furthering their thought leadership position in data video management and retention.”

Most recently, VIDEOProtein and Intransa completed a complex airport project with an integrated solution that also leverages Mobotix and ioimage IP cameras. The future-proof surveillance system, allows customers to leverage existing analog DVRs, cameras and cabling while providing an easy migration path and immediate support for IP devices and solutions, such as VIDEOProtein 3.0.

“We are pleased to be an Intransa StorAlliance partner,” said Jeff Knapp, vice president of marketing for On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI). “Intransa’s commitment to integrating their video data management and retention solutions with leading security applications is well aligned with OnSSI’s open architecture IP Video Management Platform, Ocularis and our commitment to facilitate and deliver best of breed solutions in the marketplace.”

Police departments, manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are among those to recently deploy Intransa/OnSSI solutions, and a whitepaper is also available on the Intransa resource library website.

“JDS Digital is an Intransa partner and for two years has proudly carried the seal of Security-Grade Video Retention,” said Joe Marchese, president and CEO, JDS Digital. “Intransa’s program and leadership in the data video management and retention market make it much easier to provide best of breed systems for our customers.”

“Salient Systems is fully focused on the education market, and our partners are all leaders in their field,” said Brian Carle, product manager for Salient Systems Corporation, and the newest member of the StorAlliance. “As a leader in video data management and retention, Intransa provides our customers with innovative and affordable alternatives in preserving their video surveillance investment and while growing their operation.”

“Intransa has always been focused on providing optimum return on investment to the video surveillance customer,” said Charles Foley, president and CEO, TimeSight Systems. “Their leadership in video data management and retention is right in line with TimeSight’s policy-driven video life cycle management solutions. TimeSight Systems and Intransa provide customers with a valuable partnership to enable higher resolution, longer retention and lower costs.”

Exacq Technologies, booth 24135, also has an Intransa system on display at the show, integrated with their solutions. Other VMS and Open NVR certified members include Appro Technologies, Black Labs, Cisco Systems, Genetec, Honeywell, IndigoVision, Phoenix IVS, PixelVelocity, SAM IP Video, videoNEXT and Vidient.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

“Having a highly reliable solution for data video management and retention is a critical component of any organizations’ Physical Security Information Management deployment. And, Intransa’s comprehensive solution makes them a perfect partner for VidSys,” said David Fowler, senior vice president of marketing and product development, VidSys. “Our leadership in PSIM coupled with Intransa’s technology provides an ideal solution for physical security deployments.”

Recently, a major metropolitan police force deployed an integrated Intransa/VidSys solution.

Proximex’s Larry Lien, vice president of product management, said, “Managing the flood of video data in an efficient and effective manner is critical for physical security information management and accurate security response. Intransa’s StorAlliance partnership program provides Proximex and our customers with the confidence that the appropriate video data will connect with other security system information, thus allowing companies to review and handle serious situations according to their security policies.”

Proximex was first StorAlliance certified through the GSO 2010 conference series lab supported by Intransa.

“Intransa is the proven leader in data video management and retention and ensures storage integration for all video surveillance components,” remarked Keith Bloodworth, CEO, Computer Network Limited. “As CNL is a leader in the Physical Security Information Management, having Intransa as a technology partner is a real asset.”

CNL has been a member of the StorAlliance since late 2007.

“Orsus, with its Situator product, fully endorses Intransa and their iSCSI storage platforms which can be easily integrated into video surveillance components,” said Rafi Bhonker, vice president sales and marketing, Orsus. “Intransa’s integration seal for Security-Grade Video Retention is a real advantage for Orsus.”

Orsus products were first StorAlliance certified through the GSO 2010 conference series labs in early 2008.

“As the clear leader in video data management and retention, Intransa cost-effectively allows islands of video to be shared among a common storage pool,” said Vik Ghai, CTO and vice president of products for Quantum Secure, Inc. “This allows our customers to address single identity access, correlate multivariate physical security/IT events and meet corporate compliance standards.”

Quantum Secure was StorAlliance certified through the GSO 2010 conference series hands-on labs.

IP & Megapixel Cameras

“IQinVision is proud to partner with Intransa,” said Paul Bodell, CMO, IQinVision. “Intransa continues to drive data video management and retention forward and demonstrate thought leadership as a prime integration factor.”

Several customer projects have featured Intransa integrated with IQinVision technology.

“With Avigilon as the performance and value leader in megapixel camera systems and Intransa as a leader in video data management and retention, we make a great team,” said Dave Tynan, vice president global sales, Avigilon. “We’re proud to say that Avigilon bears Intransa’s integration certification seal of Security-Grade Video Retention.”

Avigilon is one of the newest members of Intransa StorAlliance. A recent customer installation leverages both Intransa and Avigilon technologies.

“Basler Vision is forging new ground in video surveillance market,” said Russ Seery, director of sales and marketing, Basler Vision. “And partnering with Intransa, a leader in video data management and retention, provides an assurance to our customers that we are only partnering with best-in-breed providers.”

IP cameras from StorAlliance members Axis Communications, Arecont Vision, Mobotix, PixelVelocity, and Bosch are deployed in a large number of Intransa customer solutions including public utilities, retailers, auto dealers, casinos, airports, manufacturers, medical centers, and police departments.

Infrastructure Providers

“Our partner, Intransa, is a leader in returning the investment and optimizing the existing investment of installed video surveillance systems,” said Scott Sereboff, CEO, Veracity, Inc. “It’s no wonder Intransa is now the leader in data video management and retention as well!”

To pre-schedule an appointment at ISC West with Intransa executives and technical team members or to reserve a hands-on demonstration, please call 408.678.8600 or 866.446.8726, or email .

About Intransa

Intransa, Inc. is the leading innovator of video data management and retention (VDMR) solutions for physical security for future-proof, greener surveillance. Intransa security-grade video solutions increase reliability and video retention, providing critical information to security practitioners, and dramatically reducing physical security cost.

Beginning as a spin-off from Fortune 500 company and networking pioneer 3Com, Intransa customers have benefited worldwide since 2003. Intransa’s ground-breaking Video Storage Administrator (VSA) eliminates the need for extensive IT knowledge and security operator retraining, while delivering all the benefits of IP technology to existing CCTV systems and new IP-based deployments. The Intransa Sharable Security Platform enables physical security vendors to deploy their solutions without complicated server technology that can add cost and complexity, while leveraging the full line of Intransa shared, external retention solutions designed for physical security.