Workamajig Takes a Look at Project Management Trends for 2016

Workamajig, the worldwide leader in integrated software for ad agencies and others in the creative and design industries, today announced it is publishing a guide describing what developments project managers can expect in 2016. The e-book, Guide to This Year’s Hottest Project Management Trends, is available for free download at

Project managers at creative agencies strive to work smarter so that their teams don’t have to work harder. Each incremental improvement makes PMs more productive, contributes to profits, provides professional growth, and proves value to clients. Agencies that want to keep improving must adhere to continually evolving best practices. Workamajig’s new e-book details some of 2016’s project management trends, including:

  • The rise of specialized project management software
  • Challenges of and opportunities for the mobile workforce
  • The importance of intra-agency integration
  • Increased stakeholder involvement

“PMs and their teams, and creative agencies and their clients demand better communication and collaboration,” says Ron Ause, Workamajig’s Director of Marketing. “Effective project management is more important in 2016 than ever. Our new e-book explores the developments and trends that will guide the creative industry through this year and beyond.”

Agencies interested in learning more about Workamajig can request a demonstration by visiting

About Workamajig
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