WebRTC Reaching Mass Adoption & Driving Major Benefits for Large Corporations

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of US enterprises are adopting or planning to adopt WebRTC within the next 12 months, according to Business Success Through Embedded Communication Technology, a March 2016 study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by TokBox, released today. In particular, amongst organizations with more than 1,000 employees in the healthcare, education, customer service, field services and financial services industries, the key drivers are the ability to embed communications (video, voice and messaging) into other applications or sites. This is driving significant gains across core business functions, including customer satisfaction, internal collaboration, increased efficiency and business outcomes.

The study found that in the absence of physical interactions, organizations are turning to communications technologies – notably WebRTC – to drive core functionalities within organizations, specifically helping them win, serve and retain customers.

WebRTC — a standard for enabling real time communications (voice, video, messaging) within a digital environment with no download or plug in — is one technology that organizations are adopting to deliver the new wave of digital communications.

According to the study: “Organizations that embrace rich, real time communication technologies, like WebRTC, reap undisputable benefits. These organizations report stark improvements to both strategic and tactical objectives, thereby increasing their competitive advantage. The question now becomes not if rich, real time communications can help your organization, but how far your organization will fall behind your entire industry if you don’t adopt now.”

TokBox CEO Scott Lomond commented on the findings: “The use of WebRTC has clearly crossed the chasm in terms of corporate adoption. The protocol alone, however, is not enough, creating an environment where platforms such as OpenTok are central to enabling its usage within a corporate environment. It’s gratifying to now see hard evidence of the commercial benefits being realized by organizations across a range of industries.”

The OpenTok platform is powering a growing number of innovative applications across a range of industries, including field services, healthcare, education, customer service and financial services for companies including Fluke Connect, Resolution Tube, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Minerva, and Calgary Scientific.

The study is available for download here:


About TokBox
TokBox, a Telefónica company, develops and operates the OpenTok Platform, making it fast and easy to embed live video, voice, messaging and screen sharing into websites, mobile applications and services. The scalable, customizable platform gives users the creative freedom to develop any video and voice interaction, from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts.

The first platform to incorporate support for WebRTC, OpenTok caters to enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers with powerful APIs and a global cloud infrastructure. OpenTok has been used to add video communications to more than 100,000 services by companies including Mozilla, Major League Baseball, Valspar, Bridgestone Golf, Diet Coke, Ford, Doritos and Double Robotics. For more information visit www.tokbox.com