New Relic and Pantheon Partner to Transform Web Developers into Web Heroes

Pantheon, the leading website management platform, today announced a partnership with New Relic to offer New Relic APM Pro free to all Pantheon customers.

The Pantheon website management platform delivers best-in-class development tools and secure, reliable elastic hosting for WordPress and Drupal websites. Now Pantheon subscribers have additional performance data and analytics at their fingertips with complimentary access to the leading APM software suite, New Relic APM Pro, enabling web development deeds of heroic proportions.

“With the unified power of Pantheon and New Relic, our customers have the tools to build, launch, and run amazing websites, faster and worry-free, with maximum performance,” said Zack Rosen, co-founder and CEO of Pantheon. “New Relic APM Pro is a perfect complement to the Pantheon platform and we’re pleased to offer this exclusive, end-to-end web development and analytics suite at no additional cost to Pantheon users.”

“The combination of New Relic APM Pro and Pantheon in one turnkey web development platform delivers critical performance data into one of the industry’s most complete web development platforms,” said John Gray, New Relic’s senior vice president of Business Development. “With real-time visibility into the entire application stack, New Relic will help reduce resolution times so Pantheon customers can focus on creating great, engaging websites.”

By integrating New Relic APM Pro into Pantheon’s platform, users can now ensure maximum website performance during all phases of software development – from development to testing to live production environments. Key functionality includes:

  • Code-level visibility empowering users to identify the root cause of performance issues, down to the function call, for efficient diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Deployment markers allowing developers to tag releases enabling them to monitor performance over time and quickly identify problematic code releases.
  • Access to New Relic across different teams — Multidev environments, Dev, Test, and Live — enables users to catch performance issues before they go live and deploy with confidence.

Pantheon users will receive access to New Relic APM Pro immediately and can access site performance analytics in the dashboard of the Pantheon platform. More information on the integration can be found at

Web Heroes Who Love Pantheon with New Relic

Eric Peterson, Marketing Systems Engineering at Tableau Software
“Agility — the ability to rapidly build, measure, learn, and repeat — is paramount in a high velocity organization like Tableau. There’s no better platform for building websites than Pantheon and there’s no better way to measure our performance than New Relic.”

Abe Brewster, Chief Technology Officer at
“New Relic on Pantheon has been instrumental for us in tuning our application, ferreting out the source of issues, and determining if the source is the user, application, or platform. We monitor it daily, and in certain cases it has pointed the way for us to reduce our database load by 75%. Every developer has it open during deploys and feature upgrades to watch for bottlenecks or new processes going haywire at Patch’s large scale. It is no exaggeration to say that it’s a critical tool for Patch and we look forward to deeper integration.”


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