GuideSpark Delivers New Solutions Fueling Transformation of Performance Management and Other Talent Initiatives

GuideSpark, which is transforming workplace communications, today announced the availability of five new talent solutions created to improve communications and inspire employees. These new holistic solutions integrate engaging content along with marketing reach and in-depth diagnostics to ensure employees receive, understand and connect with a company and its culture.

According to a recent study, 60 percent1 of all companies are redesigning their performance management process to a feedback-centric, developmental and rating-less model. Recognizing this growing trend and that companies need to communicate differently to a diverse and mobile workforce, GuideSpark is introducing its new Performance Management Solution that brings software, tailored content and services together into a holistic employee communications solution focused on creating buy-in and empowerment in this new process.

“There is a fundamental change happening in the way companies communicate with their employees — whether it is around job performance, compensation or the state of their business,” said Keith Kitani, Co-Founder and CEO of GuideSpark. “We have heard from over 630 customers, including many Fortune 500 brands, that traditional employee communications aren’t enough to facilitate and engage with employees during these critical transformations.”

The five talent solutions provide communications tools and capabilities to support companies — employees and managers — as they transition to these new models. The five solutions are:

  • Performance Management Solution focuses on communicating clear expectations, ongoing feedback and recognition for how companies evaluate, reward and grow employees.
  • Compensation Solution communicates a company’s pay programs clearly to unlock the full potential of employees.
  • Compensation Planning Solution is for managers to help differentiate pay among employees with programs that reward values and behaviors.
  • Equity Awards Solution engages employees to simplify their individual equity awards, empowering them to take an ownership frame of mind.
  • Career Development Solution allows companies to accelerate employee growth and expand organizational capabilities through enhanced communications that inspire employees to take control of their careers.

“We are at the dawn of a new employee experience where simple, clear and effective communications are required to connect employees with their employers in a meaningful way,” added Kitani. “We are seeing companies, like Equinix and other leading organizations, turn to a new generation of communications to reach today’s modern and mobile workforce.”

The five new solutions bring together engaging content with rich analytics and diverse marketing tools. GuideSpark is using big data to help companies measure the effectiveness and impact of their employee communications. The marketing tools allow companies to reach their employees through a variety of means.

About GuideSpark
GuideSpark is leading the transformation of workplace communications. The robust SaaS platform delivers interactive video and mobile experiences, using each company’s unique brand and voice, to inspire and engage their employees. GuideSpark serves 630+ enterprise customers, including 20% of the Fortune 500, with more than 10 million employees across all industries.

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