Orion Health Achieves Health Information Network Provider Designation

Orion Health, a leader in population health management and healthcare integration solutions, announced today that it has succeeded in receiving the designation of Health Information Network Provider (HINP) in the province of Ontario in compliance with the health information privacy law, Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

This landmark achievement for the company signifies that Health Service Providers (HSPs) utilizing Orion Health’s collaborative platform solutions can bilaterally update, disclose and share custodianship of personal health information (PHI) with other HSPs for healthcare delivery by electronic means in compliance with Ontario’s Privacy Laws. This legal authority allows Orion Health’s solutions to go beyond the four walls of a single HSP, and enables the bilateral exchange of PHI between acute, primary and community care.

Orion Health’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Privacy Officer, Dr. Chris Hobson oversees the company’s privacy practices and compliance with HINP regulations. Executive Vice President of Global SaaS Operations, Chan Ghosh of Orion Health is providing oversight.

“This agreement demonstrates we are fully compliant with all privacy principles recognized and mandated by the Government of Ontario, in order to be fully responsible for the safe handling of PHI,” stated CMO and CPO, Dr. Chris Hobson. “Through full transparency measures, we will ensure patients are fully aware of the process and have the capability to challenge our compliance with the regulations, so patients and providers can have complete trust that their PHI is absolutely secure.”

The achievement will allow the company to play a critical role in the communication and exchange of the PHI of Ontario’s patient population, which has almost 14 million citizens. Sharing PHI under a HINP designation enables huge benefits to patient care, including greater care continuity, increased collaboration between care providers, and improved overall efficiency.

“With more than a dozen clients in Ontario alone, Orion Health is well-versed in developing solutions to address the needs and challenges that HSPs are facing,” stated EVP of Global SaaS Operations, Chan Ghosh. “In addition to helping us expand the circle of care beyond the HSPs and improve communication amongst care providers, the HINP achievement will lead to greater adoption of the solutions and more effective coordinated care.”

Currently, public and government-mandated health information exchange networks are increasingly perceived by the province as critical tools in the advancement of care provision. As a HINP, Orion Health is well positioned to support Ontario’s goal of a fully connected provincial healthcare network, and setting the standard and model for other provinces and across Canada.

At this time this designation primarily affects the Health Link Care Coordination Tool, which has been updated to allow for HSP information exchange beyond a single organization. All new collaborative platform solutions developed will also be covered under this designation.

About Orion Health
Orion Health is a leading population health management and precision medicine company, and one of the world’s foremost providers of electronic health records (EHRs) and healthcare integration solutions to healthcare organizations. Worldwide, Orion Health solutions are used in 30 countries by more than 300,000 clinicians. In Canada, thousands of clinicians and hundreds of provider facilities and OEM partners rely on Orion Health to facilitate data exchange between hospitals, health systems and EHRs, resulting in improved care coordination, increased cost savings and efficiencies, and enhanced quality of care. More information can be found at https://orionhealth.com/ca/. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.