Zad Mobile’s Advertising Platform (ZMAP) Powers Indosat’s Launch of Sim Card IM3 i-klan

Zad Mobile’s Advertising Platform (ZMAP), a multi-channel mobile advertising solution, is being used by PT Indosat Tbk (Indosat) (NYSE:IIT) (idx:ISAT) to support their new GSM prepaid card program: IM3 i-klan. By offering its subscribers access to sponsored services, Indosat, the second largest mobile operator in Indonesia, is reaching a young, technologically savvy audience while generating a new line of revenue through the delivery of targeted ads on SMS, MMS, and RBT (known as i-ring). The Zad Mobile solution, in use at Indosat since 2008, initially supported SMS ads and now enables the ad placement via both i-ring and MMS. According to Guntur S. Siboro, Marketing Director at Indosat, “Indosat chose to partner with Zad Mobile based on their experience with large operators in the region and their ability to support our long-term multi-channel mobile advertising vision.”

“Zad Mobile is excited to be working with an innovative operator like Indosat. By developing and offering appealing advertising programs, such as their GSM prepaid card, IM3, for both subscribers and advertisers, Indosat is showing their commitment to growing this new line of business and new revenue streams,” Zad Mobile’s President, Igor Neyman, explained. The companies’ collaboration allows advertisers to use Zad Mobile’s sophisticated behavioral targeting capabilities, which draws from available subscriber data to deliver spot on, non-intrusive, targeted ads. By gathering and tracking customer supplied data through interactive campaigns ZMAP enhances both Operator and Advertiser initiatives and results in increased ad relevance over time. This ultimately allows the system and advertisers to grow with young subscribers and evolve to meet their changing tastes and up-to-date needs.

Aside from ZMAP’s enhanced targeting capabilities, the platform is able to support ad delivery on multiple channels, mobile and non-mobile. In doing so, it provides all participants in the mobile advertising ecosystem with one point of access where they can manage their mobile advertising business. Zad Mobile’s sensitivity to mobile operators’ needs, from protecting the privacy of subscribers to incorporating new lines of business, is apparent in their product design. Operators are able to manage their relationships with numerous advertisers and third party content providers, while ensuring that their subscribers receive the high-quality material to which they are accustomed, from one application. Similarly, Advertisers are able to execute campaigns, with media planning, buying, and reporting functions, across channels from one point to supporting more advanced mobile marketing initiatives.

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Zad Mobile ( ) makes mobile advertising happen . Mobile advertising offers much promise for operators, media companies and brands by targeting the broadest and fastest growing medium the world has ever known. The Zad Mobile Advertising Platform allows mobile operators to generate mobile advertising revenue and, for the first time, run it as a new line of business. This starts with marketing and sales of ad inventory to buyers and the enablement of business processes that facilitate the creation and flawless execution of effective ad campaigns. Our innovative and proprietary technologies provide unprecedented insight into consumer behavior, resulting in the delivery of relevant ads at precisely the right time.