Wire Stone Participating in Microsoft HoloLens Development Training Program

Wire Stone, a top-25 independent digital marketing agency, today announced its active participation in Microsoft’s Holographic Academy via its Agency Readiness Program. Wire Stone’s involvement allows the agency to establish early technical acumen in developing holographic experiences for clients through Microsoft’s HoloLens.

The extensive training program focuses on the development of apps for the Windows Holographic UWP operating system. It consists of high-touch training in the envisioning, development, and design of holographic experiences, as well as a focus on specific strategic capabilities such as holographic video capture and 3rd person perspective video capture. The deep proficiency gained through this early exposure is positioning Wire Stone as a market leader in the emerging space of HoloLens-based mixed reality experiences for brands and enterprise applications.

“Microsoft HoloLens is ready to present brands with powerful new marketing opportunities in the form of stunning, immersive customer experiences — and they’ll be experiences unlike anything that’s come before,” said Fabio Matsui, Chief Technology Officer, Wire Stone. “Customers will have unprecedented abilities to explore brand offerings and augment their imaginations by trying out products and experiences holographically, in their own familiar spaces. We at Wire Stone couldn’t be more excited to be engaged at the onset of Microsoft’s Holographic Academy training program, and we look forward to helping brands in creating the most compelling experiences imaginable using HoloLens technology.”

HoloLens and the experiences it offers have the potential to transform business and marketing practices on a number of compelling fronts. Holographic experiences can enable customers to envision products in a new way, incorporated into their real living spaces. For example, remodeling and redecorating projects, furniture or other household item choices, and clothing selections could all be previewed as fully accurate holographic experiences ahead of purchase, establishing a new virtual landscape within the marketing world for presenting brands and products. HoloLens promises to be a powerful productivity tool as well, allowing workers to collaborate across locations and easily share visual information and expertise. Using HoloLens, workers will be able to view manuals or schematics and visualize parts and procedures, entirely as holographic projections seen in real space. Given the potential of this technology, brands that are first to market in offering these transformative experiences should hold a decisive competitive advantage in this space, one that Wire Stone is eager to assist brands in cultivating.

About Wire Stone

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