Kronos® Enables Manufacturers to Reconcile Labor and Machine Utilization to Drive Operational Efficiency

Kronos ® Incorporated introduced new capabilities within the Workforce Central ® suite, allowing manufacturers to collect and manage machine utilization data and related labor and material data together in one integrated solution.

Traditionally handled as distinct disciplines, the combined view of reconciled labor and machine utilization enables shop floor managers to identify and resolve bottlenecks in real time, resulting in higher levels of productivity. Unlike many existing ERP or MES systems, which collect and batch machine performance information and provide reporting on the results a week or two later, Kronos provides the status of machines, shop floor workers, and work-in-process (WIP) to shop floor managers in real time. In the event that a machine is down, the manager is immediately notified, and has the ability to shift labor to another position to keep the shop floor operating at peak efficiency.

“Achieving the next level of shop floor productivity improvement requires intelligence and insight on the combination of labor, WIP, and machines,” said David Caruso, founder and principal at Caruso & Associates. “The ability to track in one application how these resources interact and impact overall productivity will be of interest to all operations leaders who care about continuous improvement processes, and by offering measurement on these in real time, Kronos is setting an industry standard in productivity improvement endeavors.”

By linking workers and their activities to manufacturing operations, the new resource utilization capability reduces the complexity of managing the manufacturing workforce. Gregg Gordon, director of manufacturing marketing at Kronos, said, “Coupling the understanding of how people are utilized with the state of resources such as operating equipment, cells, or processes enables manufacturers to closely manage, in real time, both their people and the operations that they work on. Tracking machine downtime at the same level of granularity as labor is important for determining and meeting productivity goals and benchmarks.”

The marriage of labor and equipment tracking ties Overall Labor Effectiveness TM (OLE) to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) key performance indicators together. OEE is used by many manufacturers to assess the performance of their machinery. OLE was introduced by Kronos in 2007 to provide a comparable metric for labor performance.

Efficient labor, WIP, and resource tracking closes major gap in ERP systems

The ability to easily track and manage daily production in real time is a gap that has existed in ERP systems for years. The challenge has been to achieve timely, 100 percent reconciliation of resource and labor hours against production results. Manufacturers have historically been forced to rely on a series of inefficient manual processes and spreadsheets to try and reconcile information from disparate systems. Kronos now automates these processes by first collecting and keeping track of all the required information and then by providing a configurable method of modeling daily production data and reconciling that information against resource and labor results. Supervisors now have a tool to increase productivity because they have real-time visibility to what is happening on the shop floor.

This new capability for manufacturers is available in Workforce Central 6.1 (see “ Kronos Announces Availability of Workforce Central 6.1 ”). For more information regarding Kronos solutions call (800) 225-1561.

Note to journalists: A screenshot demonstrating the new manufacturing capabilities is available for download.

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