Jump Technologies, Inc. Announces Availability of New InnerTrack Release 1.4 for Receiving and Package Tracking

Jump Technologies, Inc., an innovative software company with solutions that improve supply management in hospitals, today announced new capabilities have been added to InnerTrack™ receiving and package tracking, enabling healthcare systems to more efficiently manage packages as they move throughout a healthcare organization. With these enhancements to InnerTrack, Jump Technologies continues to expand its portfolio of cloud-based mobile solutions that reduce labor, reduce costs, and enable more automated and accurate supply management.

Some key new features in this release include:

  1. “Blind” Receiving – This new user-level setting can help meet audit requirements of health systems by requiring “zero-based” counting of incoming items. A simple “on/off” check box will allow organizations to decide whether order quantity will be pre-populated in InnerTrack. When Blind Receiving is “Off,” incoming quantities are pre-populated, allowing the receiving staff member to validate against the ordered quantity on the Purchase Order. When turned “On,” no order quantity data is shown in InnerTrack, requiring users to count items and match with packing slip data.
  2. Item Shipping Detail Report – Toward the goal of helping health systems manage and reduce rush shipping charges, this new report provides detailed information about the contents of specific shipments, allowing the supply chain leader to see the items, departments and recipients that continually receive high-cost incoming deliveries, such as priority overnight. This report also helps identify recurring issues such as incorrect par level settings, stock-outs, and areas where recipients are purchasing off-contract and requiring rush delivery.
  3. Delivery Site Location Address (InnerTrack Intrasite Only) – For organizations with multiple facilities / locations, InnerTrack Intrasite will now require users to select both a pick-up and drop-off site location, instead of using defaults. This new features ensures sites are identified with a specific address, so instead of simply identifying a location such as “Clinic 1,” the user setting up locations will now enter the exact street address, making the selection of delivery locations simpler and more accurate. This feature will be extremely helpful for organizations managing pick-ups and deliveries for a large number of facilities.

“The entire team at JumpTech is committed to continually advancing our solutions, to help healthcare systems manage their supplies with more automation and accuracy,” said Dan Crombie, director of Product Management, Jump Technologies, Inc. “Because we’re cloud-based, our customers don’t have to worry about managing software versions and upgrades — it’s all done for them, so they get the benefit of the most advanced functionality, without having to burden internal IT teams.”

About Jump Technologies, Inc.
JumpTech is the first provider of cloud-based supply management solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations that are easy to implement, adopt and manage, using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Eliminating extensive investments in hardware, implementation time and training, solutions from JumpTech are guaranteed to deliver immediate return on investment. Easy-to-use interfaces and accurate, timely reports help drive compliance, reduce training, save hard dollars and reduce labor. For more information, visit www.jumptech.com or call (888) 373-7226.