Barefoot Networks Turns to Oski Technology for Formal Verification Expertise

Oski Technology, Inc., the world’s only dedicated formal verification service provider, today announced that its formal verification experts enabled Barefoot Networks, a pioneer in building user-programmable and high-performance forwarding planes, with verification of the design for the company’s Tofino™ switch chip. Barefoot’s Tofino chip processes packets at 6.5 terabits per second and is also fully programmable.

Barefoot Networks turned to Oski Technology for assistance with verifying the design of the Tofino chip, knowing that Oski had experience making formal verification scale to designs as complex as that of Tofino, which includes breakthrough programmable packet processing technology. The team of formal verification experts from Barefoot Networks and Oski Technology used a broad variety of advanced formal verification techniques to verify the switch’s complex interconnect.

“Oski Technology’s formidable formal verification team played an important role in helping us verify critical portions of our Tofino chip, which is the fastest switch ever built,” says Dan Lenoski, Barefoot Networks’ Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering. “Everyone assigned to our project was highly knowledgeable and dependable, which was absolutely critical to the credibility of a startup, especially against an aggressive schedule.”

Amit Joshi, Oski Technology’s Vice President of Engineering, adds: “The Barefoot Tofino switch chip’s fully programmable architecture, even at industry leading bandwidth, created challenges for formal verification that Oski Technology was able to help address and solve. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Barefoot Networks. The company’s emphasis on quality, the caliber of the team, the elegance of their design and the pace of development are nothing short of exhilarating.”

About Barefoot Networks

Barefoot Networks launched in 2016 after two years of developing the most programmable and — at 6.5Terabits/second — the fastest switches ever built; twice as fast as any previous chip on record. By enabling organizations to define the network data plane in software, Barefoot empowers network owners and their infrastructure partners to design, optimize, and innovate to meet their specific requirements and gain competitive advantage. In combining the P4 open-source programming language with fast programmable switches, Barefoot has also created an ecosystem of compilers, tools, and P4 code to make P4 accessible to anybody. Barefoot’s founders — Nick McKeown, Martin Izzard, Pat Bosshart, and Dan Lenoski — bring the company more than 100 years of experience in building the fastest and biggest networking systems in the world. Backed by Google Inc., Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, and premier venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz, Barefoot Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter: @barefootnetwork

About Oski Technology

Oski Technology is a formal verification services company with expertise in deploying formal verification on complex digital designs. Oski Technology has developed a unique Formal Sign-off Methodology and Oski Abstraction Models to solve challenging capacity problems with formal verification. Its formal methods bring a higher level of productivity than traditional simulation and formal verification approaches. Oski Technology, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with a design center in India, has built a team of the world’s foremost experts in formal verification. More information about Oski Technology can be found at: