ZapFraud Awarded New Patent to Address Sophisticated Email Attacks

ZapFraud announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted ZapFraud a patent that addresses how to manage increasingly sophisticated email attacks using a hybrid approach that combines machine learning and fraud expert systems with human intervention. The patent is particularly timely as advanced state-sponsored attacks are becoming more common, and all types of attacks are increasingly adopting sophisticated approaches to avoid traditional detection and blocking.

Sophisticated scammers steal financial assets and information from unsuspecting victims using advanced techniques that better target victims with more subtle and convincing messages, and avoid traditional detection. Automated detection methods alone are increasingly failing, as evidenced by many recent high-profile attacks, ranging from politically motivated attacks to attacks on the payment infrastructure. Criminals are increasingly reaching targets because they have a sophisticated understanding of automated detection methods, and know how to deceive victims. For example, it has been reported that one in seven victims targeted in the recent attacks on the DNC gave out their passwords. ZapFraud’s patented technology provides intelligent escalation when automated detection identifies undetermined or high-risk cases.

Aaron Emigh, Chairman of ZapFraud, comments on the import of the newest ZapFraud patent and its value to the industry. “Advanced fraud attacks challenge our industry at a new scale that demands constant vigilance and highly adaptive new methods. This patent recognizes ZapFraud’s industry leading adaptive fraud detection and protection, which has applications across the threat landscape.”

Manual review is a powerful tool, but if done incorrectly it can potentially be invasive and burdensome. ZapFraud’s approach recognizes that some messages that require manual review are not malicious, and assures that reviewers cannot see personal or sensitive information. To augment and strengthen a system’s automated detection capabilities, ZapFraud applies manual feedback to new rules generation to reduce future dependencies on manual review.

Today’s patent announcement complements ZapFraud’s array of patents and technologies and recognizes ZapFraud’s leadership role in the rapidly expanding cybersecurity field.

About ZapFraud
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