Pure Closes Out Year on a High Note With Increased Revenues

Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: PNOW), parent Company of the Central American-Caribbean Online Travel Agency (OTA) Oveedia and Numismatic Specialty Store (Meso Numismatics) announced today that the Company is closing out the year on a high note, with the current and on-going business plan expanding at a quicker pace than originally anticipated.

The Company’s subsidiary, Meso Numismatics, continues to deliver revenues on a daily basis. Auctions continue to generate significant interest, as many items sell for several hundred percent over acquisition price.

“At Pure, we strive to emulate the game of chess, in an industry generally filled with poker players,” stated Melvin Pereira, President and CEO. “What I mean is very simple… chess is a very transparent game… moves are strategically calculated, as the public watches the physical pieces move. We operate this company very transparently. For Meso, we utilize eBay because of its transparent access to the public. Auctions are accounted for, payments and feedback are interchanged, everything is very visible to anyone looking in.”

Pereira continued, “Poker, however, is a game of bluffing and trying to ‘out-lie’ your opponent, in order to win as much money as possible. While we can operate in the dark if we choose, it is important to me that shareholders know what we’re doing. I have made our information for Meso readily available at www.MesoCoins.com and Oveedia related information, is of course accessible at www.Oveedia.com.”

Management indicated, at the pace sales continue to be achieved, 2017 will be the most financially successful year the Company has ever seen since inception. “At this rate, 2017 should be an incredible year for Pure,” continued Pereira. “We plan on furthering our focus on Oveedia by creating travel packages for those attending numismatic conventions throughout the Central American and Caribbean region. We will also ramp up our numismatic efforts, by beginning to tap-into the $3 Million in inventory afforded to us through our partnership.”

Pereira concluded, “As an avid chess player, I intend to turn this poker ‘bluffing’ industry, to one of finely crafted chess pieces, ready for a very transparent game. We will make 2017 the best year yet for Pure and our shareholders.”

About Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc.

PURE provides proprietary technology, marketing solutions and branding services to hotel operators and condominium owners. The Company’s vision is to build competitive operations in the areas of (i) online marketing and hotel internet booking engine services, (ii) hotel branding and, (iii) own, operate and in some instances develop, boutique hotels under the new, “by PURE” brand. PURE is the creator of Oveedia, the Central American-Caribbean online travel hub.

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