Diversified CPC Unites Business Entities with DEACOM ERP

Deacom, Inc., the developer of a single-system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, has been selected by Diversified CPC International to bring together its companies under a single ERP platform. Diversified CPC, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, is a global leader in the manufacturing of the highest quality aerosol propellants, specialty gases, alternative fuels, NGL refrigerants, and physical foam blowing agents. The company’s subsidiary, Diversified Pure Chem. LLC is one of the fastest growing reclamation and refrigeration companies in the US.

“The investment in DEACOM will provide a platform to support our growth across both Diversified CPC International and Diversified Pure Chem with their rapidly expanding regional locations,” said Paul Caponigri, CFO of Diversified CPC International. “Previously, the businesses worked on two different ERP platforms, limiting our ability to fully leverage the resources between the two companies. With Deacom’s ERP solution, we will advance our collaboration, enhance data quality, streamline reporting, and strengthen process control throughout locations, while enhancing best-in-class financial reporting.”

The single-system architecture of DEACOM provides the ideal solution for a consolidated ERP environment. The software does not employ 3rd party modules which often contributes to duplicate data entry, technical restrictions, and complex practices. Furthermore, the software’s flexibility is built to handle the unique requirements of each business’s operations without sacrificing functionality on either side. With this straight-forward approach to ERP, data accuracy is improved and reports are generated in real-time to be shared with stakeholders or applied to strategic initiatives.

“Deacom will help us instill stronger processes and procedures to propel our growth,” continued Caponigri. “By automating processes, streamlining truck routing, and eliminating manual inputs, we are able to reallocate valuable resources towards managing customer relationships and advance order fulfillment.”

For more information about Deacom, visit www.deacom.com or call 1-877-4-DEACOM.

About Deacom, Inc.
Deacom, Inc. is the producer of DEACOM ERP, a scalable, single-system ERP solution specifically designed to streamline operations for process and batch manufacturers. As the artisans of ERP software, Deacom operates upon the principle of “Complexity made Simple,” developing a solution without customization or bolt-ons to increase efficiency and decrease the total costs of ERP ownership. The company’s headquarters is located in Chesterbrook, Pa. To learn more, visit www.deacom.com, follow on Twitter or call 1-877-4-DEACOM.