SRSsoft Announces New Name, Rebrands as SRS Health

SRSsoft, a Healthcare IT (HCIT) pioneer known for providing productivity-enhancing solutions for specialists, today announced that the company has changed its name to SRS Health. Following an in-depth strategic and creative review process, the organization has moved forward with a new name that better reflects its focus and offerings as a data solutions innovator. The name change announcement is accompanied by a new logo and the tagline, “Intelligent Data Solutions.”

“During our 20 years of innovation, the healthcare technology field has been radically transformed. So has SRS,” said Scott Ciccarelli, CEO, SRS Health. “While our focus remains the same — providing HCIT solutions to help support specialty practices — those solutions take on a very different form now than they did in times past. SRS is now a data solutions company that helps drive better care and better outcomes for our clients today, and in the future. That’s more than an evolution; it’s a revolutionary change that demands rebranding.”

The addition of “Health” to the company name comes from the ability of its solutions to help support patient health and practice health. SRS Health’s flexible data platform and integrated best-of-breed approach allows specialists to utilize HCIT in a way that improves the experience for their patients and their practice. The new tagline, “Intelligent Data Solutions,” communicates what SRS Health brings to the specialty marketplace: predictive, connective, and customizable solutions designed specifically for the needs of their practices instead of those of generalists.

Regarding the new logo, Helene Kaiden, SRS Health’s Vice President of Marketing, said, “A brand’s logo is its face to the world. Our new orb-shaped visual identity represents the continuum of how we help our clients engage their patients before, during, and after visits. It signifies the perfect balance of improved efficiency with proven outcomes. And it symbolizes the unending dedication of our team to remain in motion as we continue to pioneer the HCIT solutions of the future.” Kaiden added, “The fiery color of our logo was chosen specifically to depict the passion and commitment to client satisfaction of the people who make up the SRS Health team.”

The new branding will be rolling out across all communication channels, including advertising, tradeshow marketing, online and more.

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About SRS Health

SRS has transformed into a leading-edge data-based company and has built an ecosystem uniquely catered to specialists that cannot be found anywhere else in the market. As a leading innovator in HCIT solutions for high-performance practices, SRS is advancing healthcare by creating frictionless technologies that enhance quality and efficiency, while positioning practices for success in a value-based-payment world. With 20 years of experience, unmatched implementation success, extensive industry and regulatory expertise, and top-rated US-based customer service and support, it is no wonder that SRS has earned top KLAS and Black Book ratings from their clients. To see why SRS is the trusted partner of so many prominent specialty practices, and how they can prepare you for the future, visit our testimonials page, read our blog, e-mail, or call 800.288.8369.